Daylight Wasted…

6 Nov

They say we saved an hour today but I’m not sure what I did with mine.  It was just a Go GO GO day to me.  No nap or TV.  Sheez!

I didn’t run.  This is a total travesty too because it was frickin’ beautiful in Michigan today.  Gusty winds but very pretty out.

9am – Breakfast at the local “Slop N Stop”(grandma, mom, aunt & uncle and Mick and our boys)

10am – Church (Week two.  Let’s see if I can keep it up.)

12pm – Arrived home to witness my two sons cleaning the garage?!  WTH.  They moved summer stuff to the barn below.  What irritates me is Mick just tells them to do stuff and….wait for it….they do it?!  I tell them to do stuff and there’s whining and other shenanigans so it never gets done (if do it myself — easier and it gets done correctly).  Did some laundry and other unnoticed housework.

1pm – Went to Gamestop.  Boys traded in $4000 worth of video games and got $212 in-store credit.  What did they say about this waste of $ — SCORE!!!   They could care less what was paid for the items as long as they can buy new stuff with their in-store credit.  But due to unsatisfactory grades neither boy will be buying any new games or playing them until things improve.

2pm – Bravo’s for a “yum yum” of a meal (Muah had a wood grilled salmon and asparagus salad and a loaf of bread dipped in scrumptious dipping oil).

3pm – Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Brucee only wanted a Puma half-zip jacket and they didn’t sell Puma so he didn’t want anything (Crazy…Loco?!).  Roo on the other hand, scored some new clothes.  Had to buy him basketball shorts because that’s what high school boys wear here in the winter.  No, he doesn’t play basketball.

4pm – Headed to the movie theater.  We watched Tower Heist.  Good stuff (but, you will rarely get me to say I didn’t like a movie).  Hey, I just go for the popcorn and pop.  The movie’s just a bonus.

6:45pm – Stopped at my Mom’s.  We did various chores and visited with my lovely mother.  She’s the best.

8:30pm – Took boys home so they could get ready for school tomorrow.

Seriously, that was my day.  Probably not busy to most but it was busy for me.  I had fun with my boys (and our other family members).

Not sure who thought this was a good decorating idea…

Oh yeah, that’d be me.  A collage of clocks is a great idea until you run into daylight savings time.  Besides the collage, I’ve got at least 15-20 clocks to adjust in my small house.  What can I say?  I like to know what time it is?!


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