20 Oct

I walked all gimpy today.  I popped the blister on the bottom of my right foot tonight.  The blister was from the brainiac idea I had yesterday of running over 3 1/2 miles, for the first time, on the treadmill with no socks or shoes.

No run today.

I told myself, when I first started blogging, that I needed to be consistent and write a post once a day.  I’ve done that for months.

I started to blog for the main purpose of logging my mileage and to keep myself accountable for continuing running.  I like running.  Running makes me feel good (usually after) overall.

With the help of my blog and from reading other blogs, I’ve accomplished a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon when I never ever thought I’d any more than a 5k.  Pat on the back for that, right?

I’m not done running by any means.

Why so serious?

I’m consumed with the well-being of my father.

I’m consumed with the well-being of my mother.

You haven’t heard the last of me but I am toning it way down because my mind is elsewhere.

Any runs I do, for a while at least, will be a bonus to everything else that’s going on right now.  Running was never my main focus.  My family always came first but it’s going to be pushed back to the far back burner for now.

Peace out.  Chow.  Talk with you soon, I hope.


One Response to “Consumed…”

  1. Holly October 21, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    Wishing you and your family the best. Take it easy. Focus on what you need to.

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