Thumb Holes!!!!

14 Oct

I dress like a total dweeb today.  If I acknowledge it before anyone else points it out then it doesn’t count, right?  The reason for looking like a goob?  I was determined to take advantage of casual shoe day.

I did get a lot of strange looks today.  It’s okay, they really, really like me.  I think…

I love shirts with thumb holes.  They’re the bestest!

At 1:41pm, I started a little run.  This was the last run before my marathon.  I ran 5.75 miles with an average mile/minute of 7:48.  I told my middle child this and he said that wasn’t impressive at all because I usually run more than that.  I explained that I had to run lower mileage this week since I’m running 26 miles on Sunday.  He shrugged.

It was so cold out today.  I was really liking the weather we’ve had for the last 8 days.  Because of the 70 degree weather, I almost forgot it was Fall.  But today, it was only 52 degrees with heavy wind.  No rain but there were a few sprinkles.  I’m sure today’s weather was like an island vacation compared to what I’m going to experience on Sunday.  Sunday’s temp is projected to be only 41 degrees so today should have been a dream.

Now I’m stressing about what I’m going to wear for the marathon.   I’ve got all the goods, I just need to figure it what will make me happiest for the whole run.  I so worried I’ll underdress or overdress.

With my dad in the hospital, there’s not much fun happening right now.  The exception is my sweet daughter came home from college for the weekend.  She’s great to have around.  She and I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to go back to her apartment as it’s closer to the marathon.  She’s going to be my support person on Sunday.

And, I’m going to give Gu another shot.  My first attempt, vanilla bean, grossed me right out.  I think I need to try it a few more times before I decide to ban them from my life forever.  Everyone talks about the Gu so it’s gotta be a good thing, right?

Okay, CONFESSION TIME, I’ve kept it to myself because it’s a little embarrassing.  After seeing it mentioned on other running blogs, I feel it’s time to “come out”.  All of my summer running has totally ruined my toenails.  Four my toenails are badly damaged…..actually, they’re fungled.  Ewww.  I know.  I’ve been treating them and cutting them and treating them.  Dude, I have a cruise coming up in a few months so I have to fix them before that.  Sorry, no pictures of my feet.  They’re so embarrassing right now.

So I’m going to hang up now.  I’m tired.  I’ll call you back tomorrow….


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