Just Pathetic…

13 Oct

Yes, I can be pathetic.  I’ll admit it.  Nobody else better say it… Kidding.  I don’t care.

Everyone talks about the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.  Unfortunately, the December 2011 full marathon has been sold out.  And, for some reason, I’m not interested in the 1/2.  Since I’ll miss all the fun this year, I’m thinking I could aim for the December 2012 full marathon.  It’d be so cool to say I did it.  Plus, what’s not to love about Vegas?

So, what’d I mean about being pathetic?  Mick said he wouldn’t be interested in going to Vegas.  He said there’s too much going on for him (right now) to even think about something that far away anyways.  I asked if I could go if I could go with someone else besides him.  He hesitated and said that I too had too much going on right now so I need to focus on everything on my plate now vs making crazy future plans.  I love to plan things though because I love having things to look forward to.  He and I both know that I won’t stop until I get a yes.  “No” and “maybe” are just words of encouragement for future negotiations to me.  I tend to nag him until I hear the “okay” or “yes”.   I have annoying tendencies, right?

To tell you the truth, even if I got a “go ahead” on the Vegas thing, I don’t have any running friends or any friends that would want to come with me to support me while I ran.  I can only think of my daughter as being a possibility but that’d double the costs.  We’re not made of $ so taking The Who probably wouldn’t work.  She’d be onboard with the idea, of course, but that’s because she wouldn’t have to pay for it (struggling student).

I NEED A RUNNING BUDDY PEOPLE.  I’ll put a sign up sheet on my front door so feel free to stop by and add your name.  I’m annoying when I drink but I’m also annoying when I don’t drink.  Sounds like a good time, eh?

I’m still thinking of doing the Traverse City, MI marathon in May 2012.  That’s pretty much a definite.  I just need to make sure to sign up for it in December 2011 because I’m told it sells out fast.

My Dad’s still in the hospital so I had to stop at my parents’ house to let their dogs out.  I love glass.  I LOVE glass everything.  Nosing around their yard, I remembered that for Mother’s Day, I bought this glass globe for my momma.  Isn’t it pretty?

It’s so cool because it has a nice glow that lasts all night long.  It works using solar energy.  Maybe I should steal it and put in my yard?!  I’m an “indian giver” so that’s something I would do.  As an example of this horrible habit, I received a really cool cutting board in the shape of Michigan as a wedding gift.  At the time (19), I thought it was stupid and offered it to my sister.  She said she’d like to have it.  Well, hmmm, actually…. I should probably keep it then.

NO run today.  Tapering, remember.  Hal Higdon told me to.  Doesn’t everyone taper?  I hope Hal knows what he’s talking about?!

I wore my Nine West short boots, Francesca’s skirt and a shirt from The Limited.  I love the green color of my shirt.

Green’s my favoritist color. It used to be Purple but something happened between Purple and I.  I can’t really explain it.

Sunday, Marathon day, the weather is projected to be a high of 59 and a low of 39.  I’m sure that the temp will be closer to 39 at race time since the race starts at 8am.  Plus, there’s a 50% chance of rain.  I like it cool but not 39 degrees.  I can do this, I know I can but I like to doubt myself for some morbid, “Debbie Downer” reason….

NEW DISCOVERY…  Could spell trouble.  I stumbled upon (not http://www.stumbleupon.com) a new store called Ulta.  They carry any of your cosmetic, skincare, bath & body, fragrance, and hair needs. I swear it’s like 5 times bigger than any Sephora I’ve been in.   They carry a lot of what Sephora carries (except Sephora brand, of course) plus less expensive brands.  The place is amazing.  May not be new to anyone else but it was new to me.  I was about to run out of my Masterpiece Bed Head hairspray so I was happy to pick it up.

Three days a week, I need to spend an hour and a half in my car while my youngest has soccer practice.  It’s a good 20 minutes from home and I don’t want to waste gas so going home isn’t an option.  I sit there with my computer, book, etc. chillin’ until he’s done.  It’s actually relaxing.  Well, usually it is.  Today, like an asshole, I decided to wear skinny jeans.  I don’t think skinny jeans are comfortable at all so why would I wear them.  Hells if I know.  I should have put lounge pants on.  Just stupid.  I might as well of worn stilettos too….


One Response to “Just Pathetic…”

  1. Holly October 14, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    Look into local running clubs for buddies. Do you have a running shoe store nearby? I would start there and ask around to see what groups are in your area.

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