I Like You, Jewel Kade…

12 Oct

Airlines piss me off!!  They “nickel and dime” the crap out of you.  They charge you for things you never thought you’d have to pay for.  I’m already paying over $2500 for five tickets.  On top of that, they have the balls,to charge me to take clothes.  Derrr.  Off course I need clothes for a seven-day cruise.  Also, they want me to pay to sit by my 13-year-old son.  Well hell yeah, he’s a frickin’ minor.  Besides, it should be assumed that if you pay for your tickets together, they should just group you together.  At least they’re giving us a 3 hour layover so we can buy our kids a meal since they don’t give you their grody meals on the plane anymore (cannot find a straight flight to Puerto Rico anywhere). The airlines are a bunch of assholes.  I’m sure my issues with the airlines are of no surprise to most.  I’m cheap and I miss the tickets that were $250 and didn’t require you to pay extra for the obvious.   Makes me feel so  damn SPICY!!

Earlier for work, I wore my BR skinny jeans, Unique shirt from Topshop, a cropped Tulle jacket and some wedges from Steve Madden.  I like feeling tall even if it’s only temporary.

My shirt has a bunch of random names on it.  Sweird?!

To accessorize (which I clearly don’t do much of ), I wore my Jewel Kade necklace.

Bee Yourself.

You can see some of JK’s stuff online but looking online doesn’t do the jewelry justice.  It’s nicely made (thick beveled glass) and pretty reasonably priced.  I’m not sure about other states, but we have parties here in Michigan where the ladies can buy their JK.  Shopping, friends, drinks and good food = wonderful combination.  I have another charm that I wear plus a pair of earrings that I always get compliments on.

I’m feeling so much better after all that went on this past weekend (physical labor).  At 1:41pm, I ran 4.38 miles in 35:47 minutes (average of 8:10 mins/mile).  My Garmin was dead so I had to run with my Iphone and the free app, IMapMyWalk.  I like the app but I don’t use it very often since I got the Garmin. I knew I’d only be doing a short run so I wore soccer shorts.  They ride up so I normally wouldn’t wear them.

So tired.  I’ve been up at the hospital with my dad from 3:30pm to 9:30pm.  Poor guy.

I love to read at night.  It makes me super sleepy.  Problem is, most nights, I’m already tired so I can only read a few pages.  I know this after I’ve read the same page 4 times and I can’t comprehend what I’ve just read.  Right now, I’m reading Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi aka Mrs. Degeneres.  I love nonfiction.

Anyone have a good nonfiction book they’d like to recommend?  I’m open…


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