11 Oct

Today started out like any other day but it got sad and depressing about 1:30pm.

Without getting into too much detail, my dad gave us a scare today.  I pretty much dropped everything, including my sons, to be by his side.  Don’t worry,  Mick aka Superman, took care of our boys.  By the time I left my dad, he seemed to be okay again (my mom and sista were with him so he wasn’t alone).

No run today which is probably no surprise to anyone.  Taper, Shelly, taper…  Besides, yesterday’s run sucked ass and I wasn’t in the mood for a repeat today.  As a replacement, I read SkinnyRunner’s blog.  That girl can run so I felt better after reading that she ran for both of us.

Being the marathon is 5 days away, I’m feeding off the few people I know who did the Chicago marathon.  My boss did it and she pretty much came in around the same time as Cely from Running Off The Reeses.  I was excited to see that Cely survived the marathon.  It was a no-brainer that she would but I couldn’t wait to read about her experience.  She can take a boring old marathon, and make you laugh out loud (ex.. slipping on a sponge like a banana peel?!  Who does that?….Cely).  For me, laughing out loud is not good when you’re at work.  It’s especially bad when you snort a few times.  She’s a riot and I love reading her blog.  She’s extremely sarcastic but very likeable at the same time.  Check her out at www.runningoffthereeses.com

As I write this, I was overcome by a smell so strong, it resembled what I could best describe as a gas leak.  Unfortunately, I have major experience with this smell.  This particular odor is the same stink that my family gets to enjoy each and every time our Golden came into contact with water….for a full frickin’ year after she’s been sprayed.  Sophee has been skunked twice so far.  She’s not the smartest.  I’m glad the skunk gave us a warning spray this time to warn me that he’s out there nosing around.  I know that it’s a requirement to leash the “ding-a-ling” before taking her out tonight.  No one, especially Mick, wants to bath Sophee with the mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap.  That mixture helps but it’s not a complete cure.


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