Hal Knows Best…

10 Oct

I woke up feel extremely sore.  I’m still respecting Mick and his work as a landscaper.  He’s a very hard-working man.

My left thumb is numb and there’s a pain that travels from my wrist down to my elbow.  I feel like I have “The Carpel Tunnel”.  Seriously annoying.

Here’s a dark picture for you.  Wore my Express grey skirt and an old J Crew shirt.  It turned out to be a bit too matchy-matchy…

Per Hal Higdon, and our many conversations (not really), I need to really taper my mileage this week.  My marathon is in 6 days, YO!  I know this because I get daily emails from the marathon people reminding me every single morning.  Kind of makes me crazy.  Aye, yigh, yigh…

To tell you the truth, I’m relieved because after giving blood on Friday, running 20 miles on Saturday and working almost 11 hours landscaping Sunday (I’m not talking about planting annuals either, BABY) my body needed a break to heal, heal, heal (too bad I didn’t listen to it).

CHICAGO MARATON RECAP… Two things that stuck out to me about the marathon yesterday:  1.  Lady gave birth to a baby after she ran the marathon?!  2.  A 35-year-old man died 500 yards from the finish line.  He had a heart condition but still.. WTH…  So incredibly sad.

Here’s a little tat for ya.  She’s a mad, mad zombie holding her ex-boyfriends’ heads in her right hand and a lovely axe in her left.   She’s a mad bitch.  I love her.

I decided that running 3 miles today shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  At 5:57pm, I ran 3.01 miles with an average mile of 8:37.  It was rough.  I was slow.  I couldn’t run faster if I wanted to.  The weather was beautiful but I was exhausted and I was tight.  Probably should have rested today?!

Oh, and I’ve decided I need biker boots.  I’ve been looking for them now and then and today, some biker boots popped up on my radar at Target.com of all places.  I almost ordered them online since I didn’t have any running around to do where I’d be near a Target.  I’m glad I drove to Target anyways because I hated the boots.  The pair I spotted looked better online then in person.  I don’t care if they were cheap ($34.99), because they felt cheap.  I didn’t want to settle.   The hunt will continue.

“OH MY” MOMENT…. Cher’s in the audience of Dancing With The Stars.  I frickin’ love Cher.


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