I Am Not A Landscaper…

9 Oct

I am not a landscaper but I tried acting like one today (Fail…).  I can’t believe I can still type.  Muscles that haven’t been used since I crawled as a baby were abused today.

My sister’s house is a newly built house that they acquired in July.  Mick’s been busy but was able to fit her house in today.

My sister and I thought that we could  save her $ by just having our family do all the work.  Mick worked us like dogs.  No exaggeration.  It was just another day of work to him.

I woke up thinking it’d take us 3-4 hours and then we’d be on our way back home.  WRONG!

We arrived at her house at 8:45 am and I didn’t leave with my mom until 7:20pm.  We had a brief break for lunch (awesome pizza that my brother-in-law picked up for us) but other than that, we were working like slaves.

I thought weeding at my house for 2 hours was outrageous?!

I have a new respect for my husband and I am so glad I am not a landscaper.  I can’t see him hiring me anyways.  I think if he could have graded my performance, he would have given me a C-.  I left early with my motha.  I rode separate from Mick and my son so they got stuck with cleanup and some mulching.

Even though they didn’t have to, my sister and her husband are taking us to the MSU vs U of Michigan football game this Saturday.  Fun, fun!!


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