Less Than 8 Days for the @GRMarathon…

8 Oct

Up and at ’em.  Off and runnin’ at 9:56am.  I ran 16.78 miles with an average mile of 8:45.  I ran slow.  I wanted to make it to 20 but I needed a break. 


I stopped at home for approximately 20 minutes.  I iced my ankle, uploaded my Garmin and drank like 3 glasses of water.  I ate/drank? a vanilla bean flavored Gu Energy Gel as well. 

It was totally disgusting.  I don’t know how anyone could use this product on a regular basis because it was wrong in a couple of ways.  The consistency was blecky.  The flavor was not vanilla bean.  Maybe people put the gel in the refrigerator first vs eating them room temperature like I did?!

I’m not sure if the Gu helped or not.  Maybe it was the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt I was sucking on but I ran an additional 3.63 miles with an average mile of 9:11 (slower yet). 

I accomplished a total of over 20 miles (all by 1:30pm).  Slow but I did it.  

The boys and I went to see the movie, Real Steel with Hugh Jackman.  I only wanted to see the  movie because some of the scenes were shot in Michigan.  I recognized a couple of things.

Yes, that’s my daughter on the left of Hugh Jackman…

The movie was annoying but Brucee and Roo Dog loved it.  Anything with violence is a “thumbs up” to them.

Tomorrow should be a physically draining day.  We’re going about 50 minutes away to landscape my sister and her husband’s new house.  I’m hoping I pull my weight because I don’t want Mick to have to do everything.


One Response to “Less Than 8 Days for the @GRMarathon…”

  1. Holly October 10, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    Vanilla bean is one of my favorite GU flavors! I eat it at room temp. If you don’t like the consitency you might like Chomps or Shot BLOKS better. Those are the ones like gummy bear type consistency.

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