5 Oct

Today’s BIG NEWS:

Shelly in MI (@shellyinmi on Twitter) got a new garage door opener today.  It was a Genie 1/2 horsepower, whatever the heck that means.  All I care about is if the remote can velcro into a special little hiding spot in my car *(I get excited about cup holders too).  The installer was nasty and I swear he had extra teeth.  I was excited when he left but not as excited that I could now open and shut the door without touching the actual door.  Happy days….

Strapped on the VFF’s.  I like to wear my Fivefingers for short runs so they were a “must have” today.

At 1:34pm, I started my run.  I ran my block which is 3.54 miles with an average mile of 7:51.

I wore my highwaisted Adidas pants which I purchased at the Niketown in Manhattan (?Adidas? at Niketown, I don’t get it either).  This was the same Niketown they closed down due to a bedbug infestation.   The thought of bedbugs seriously messes me up.  As a joke, my sista, Marla, bought me bedbug spray as a joke.  It’s reassuring to own.  I’m weird, I know.

I worked 4-8pm today.

I can breathe a little better now.  I finally bought our airline tickets for our upcoming cruise.  I watch the prices daily (to Puerto Rico) and they were wavering around $545 to $655 (sometimes higher).   Mick’s always working and whenever I ask him to advise me on whether to buy or wait, he always says, “wait”.  I tried to talk him into it and he got irritated and snapped that I was making him not want to go anymore.  He was sick of talking about it.  That was my queue to BUY, right?

They finally dipped down to $522 and I said screw it!  It’s always on my mind and I don’t want to worry about it anymore.  It’s done.  I’m happier.  So there!

I want these sequin leggings from Express…

They’re $98.  And…. they’re totally awesome.  Lisa modeled them on America’s Next Top Model.

RANDOM THOUGHT…I wish I had a boy name (like Frankie).

The reason for this particular randomness?!  I watched The Middle.  Overall, I watched a sh*tton of TV today.  I wasn’t productive at all.  FAIL!!


One Response to “Bedbugs…”

  1. Holly October 6, 2011 at 8:32 am #

    I know what you mean on the tickets. I’m always shopping for a deal – no matter what I’m buying but sometimes it’s to the point of “JUST BUY IT.” So then I can rid myself of spending anxiety.

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