So What?!

3 Oct

What did I do today?  Caused problems for Mick.  Actually, only one problem.

Yes, I got the Toro stuck in the mud…again.  When mowing, I always think I can go a little bit further in this nook.  You know, get it all nice and tight!  It was wetter than normal.  Not my fault, right?  So the frickin’ what?!

I do this at least once each year.  I know better but I somehow manage to do it over and over again.  Dense.  Poor Mick.  He’s so patient with me and never gives me a hard time (and he should have given me a verbal beatdown because I deserved it).  He pulled that sucker right out with his diesel truck and did so without tearing up the lawn.  Yo, that’s amazing!

Earlier today, I wore Banana Republic pants, black satin wrap shirt by The Limited and red Two Lips strappy heals.  This is the only picture I took and it’s whack!  Not sure what’s under my nose but I can assure you it was not a booger. 

Today was beau-TA-fUL.  It was sunny and about 64 degrees.  I was able to start my run at 2:55pm.  I ran 11.5 miles with an average pace of 8:14.  My legs felt heavy the whole time.  It was kind of rough.

And I received a nice slap in the face by having a group of the high school cross-country team boys pass me while running.  I’m sure I was huffing and puffing along.  I had my music on pretty loud so I couldn’t hear if they were laughing or not.

While running, I had a brilliant idea when I saw this tacky sign (it’s been here for weeks).  Only $115.  I love a good deal.

But…then I realized that neither Mick nor my small town would appreciate me carrying a deadly weapon on my person.  Besides, a gun would mess up my outfit. 

I’d be like Stephanie Plum but 10 x’s worse.  Did you see that the Janet Evanovich book, One For The Money, is coming out soon as a movie?  Sweet!  I love to go to the movies.


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