Supplements for Runners…

2 Oct

Do you follow The Pioneer Woman?  I try to.  I’m not consistent though.

I decided I want to be better about following Dree.  Recently, she gave away two Le Creuset 7 1/2 – Quart Round French Ovens.  I missed entering because I wasn’t on the ball.  DOMMIT!!  Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about any contests because I figured I wouldn’t win anyways.  BUT, I know it’s possible because my sister won a Cuisinart stand-up mixer from TPW a few years back by simply commenting on the blog’s post.

No run today.

This is pretty much what I did all day…


Actually,  I didn’t just sit around all day.  I took two naps but I didn’t want to include a picture of me while snoozing.

Even though today was very low-key, it was a good one.  I was able to visit with my dad (who just got home from the hospital), my sister, Marla (just home from her trip to Paris) and my daughter (visiting from college).

Here’s a picture of my sis (on the left) and her friend, Stacy…

Need your help.

Question…. Besides a multivitamin, are there any recommendations of other supplements that I should take to help support my running (faster healing/support of my joints and bones)?! 






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