Once There Was a Girl Who Wore VFF’s…

29 Sep



Toddlers and Tiaras.  Not one of the 3 year olds, of course.   I look like one of the moms.  You know the one’s who give their little girls (or boys) Red Bull and 15 pixie sticks speed before they go on stage… spray tan their toddler…. spend ridiculous amounts of $ on dresses and trainers and coaches….put fake eyelashes (with glue) on their little baby girls…. look like total idiots in the audience trying to get their child to do Lady Gaga moves or something wrong like that.  I love that show.  Not as much as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, of course.

It rained this afternoon.  At first I was discouraged that I would freeze my ass off trying to do a run but eventually, I saw it for what it was.   I have never been a winter or bad weather runner and my goal is to “suck it up” and just do it, no matter what Michigan throws at me.  For snipples sakes, it was raining and only 60 degrees out.  I can handle that.  Besides, I need to be prepared because I have no idea what the weather will be like in Grand Rapids on October 16th..

Since it was rain pretty hard, I decided to wear my Vibram Fivefingers.  I can wash those babies.  At first, I caught myself trying to be careful by running and jumping over mud puddles.  As I got soaked, I thought, “screw it”.  I need to enjoy it.  I seriously felt like a little kid.  I was free!  Water was splashing up on the back of my pants, my VFF were soaking wet.  Cars, trucks and semi’s were going by throwing a thick mist of muddy mix in my face.

I finally had a break in the day for my run at 4:10pm. 

Yes, I’m wearing a Ski Doo hat. 

I don’t have hats so I had to borrow from Mick.  Being he wasn’t around to ask, I took the hat I thought he’d least care about.  Hope I was right.  I think visor’d hats are good for running in the sun but also great for heavy rain.  It’s hard to see in that heavy run, Yo.

 I only planned on a 5 miler but I ran 7.36 miles with a pace of 8:18 average. 

Do you remember how I ordered a Smartwool base layer shirt from Steep and Cheap.com?  Well I did and it came in the mail today. Shweet!

I paid $33.99 on Steep and Cheap and the Smartwool website has the same NTS Microweight Crew shirt for $65.  Now I  need to find another pair of pants, gloves and a hat (and maybe a jacket?!) and I’ll feel more at ease and prepared for the crazy weather coming. 

Happy Anniversary to Mick and I.  Problem with my realizing this and stating it today?  Well probably because our anniversary was actually September 21st (or 22nd).  I’d need to look it up on the marriage license to be for sure.  Who’s really at fault?  My selfish sister.  I depend on my little sister to remind me.  Every year I get a text from her the morning of.  First, she didn’t invite on her honeymoon.  I got over that (kind of).  Now, she planned a 10 day trip Europe to play in Barcelona and Paris instead of being here to remind me of Mick’s and my most special day.  Nahh..


One Response to “Once There Was a Girl Who Wore VFF’s…”

  1. Holly September 30, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    Happy anniversary! I kind of had the same happen with my VFF the day it was raining and then I ran on a treadmill. The shoes got soaked in the parking lot. I ended up washing them that night. I figured there might be some gross-ness out in the parking lot that soaked into the shoe. Hopefully not a cause for too much alarm!

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