My Parents’ Favorites…

28 Sep
Today was borderline crappy.  My dad ended up in the hospital.  He’s a young, good-lookin’ fella so it was unexpected and very alarming.  He had a stroke a few years ago but other than that, he’s been pretty healthy.  He’s active.  He’s been admitted overnight for testing so hopefully the specialists can get to the bottom of his pale coloring, labored breathing and irregular heart beat.  In the end, I not only feel bad for him but I feel really bad for my mom since she’s full of dread and helplessness.
Before all the drama with my dad began, I dressed for work like most days.  I wore some new American Eagle jeans (yes, it seems all of my jeans have been AE lately, right?).  My sweater’s a year old and from Express.  Just noticed the fogginess near my buttocks — a ghost grabbing my hiney?  Maybe?!

Heels – super comfortable Mary Jane’s from Aerosoles.

Left work at noon as I usually do.  Since my parents were playing the waiting game at the hospital, I had the pleasure of visiting with my other siblings.  They are my parent’s favorite children.  They would be….”the boys”…. Ralphie and Toby.

I used to think my mom was going to say something about my two sons when she referenced “the boys” but she was referring to her dogs.

“The boys” are “daisy” dogs (mixture of Poodle, Bichon, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and possible other breeds that the breeder won’t disclose).  My parents got them from some Nazi lady in Grand Rapids.  Here’s her website –  She had tons of rules when my parents adopted the boys.  Some of the rules include:

– She had to meet everyone in the household (in my parents case it was just my mom and dad).

– She picked out your dog.

– You couldn’t enter her home and pick out your own puppy yourselves.  She chose the dog based on your personality.

My parents would normally of walked away from a weirdo like that but they were sold on the dogs because they were hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  Plus, they’re supposed to be very sweet.  Ralphie and Toby are very sweet and extremely entertaining.  My parents intended on getting one dog but Jennifer/Nazi lady talked/suckered my parents into getting two dogs at a discounted price.  She said one dog would be lonely.  They were the “boobies” of the litter.  Ralphie had an overbite and Toby supposedly had bad knees.

After spending time with my brothers, headed home, I ran 12.04 miles with an average pace of 8:07 (total 1:37 hours).  No music.  All was well and beautiful until near the end when I got a little chilled.  Not sure why because it was in the high 50’s?!

Today was a weak day for me.  I itched.  I scratched.  I had cat scratch feva!!  Not really.  I know I don’t have it bad with this poison ivy rash after looking at the pictures of other people’s rashes on the internet.  But….damn it, I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I found poison ivy under a tree right up by the driveway.

I feel like those plants are a bunch of demons just laughing at me.  I haven’t had an allergic reaction for a few years so I got cocky.  I thought I was invincible and I am most definitely not.  I’m not sure if I picked a poison ivy plant while weeding or if Sophee, the golden retriever, got it on her fur while frolicking through the trees and such.

Earlier today, I tried putting bandaids all over my arms to help take my mind of the nasty, oozing bumps but that only helped for an hour or so.  I have scars from previous years of getting the rash.  The reason…I have no self-control and I itch and gouge out my arms with my fingernails.  Messed up, I know.

Today is day 5 of the rash so I figure I have another 7 days of misery.  More bumps will surely come.  They always do.


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