Good Things And Bad Things…

27 Sep

Bad thing – I didn’t run today.

Good thing – My legs deserved a break.


Good thing – My poison ivy is pretty contained to under ten small spots.

Bad thing – I caught my son, Brucee, staring at my pus-leaking, poison ivy blisters in absolute disgust.


Good thing – The joy that our dog, Sophee, gets from riding in the car to run errands with me (she always gets left at home).

Bad thing – All the fur on the seats and the noseprints on the windows she leaves behind.


Bad thing – I forgot that the new season of “Sister Wives” started on September 25th.

Good thing – D V R caught it for me from my recording prior seasons.


Bad thing – The Secretary of State website wouldn’t let me renew my plates online.

Good thing – No wait when I walked in to the local SOS branch.


Bad thing – I didn’t write a “real” post today.

Good thing – You don’t have to read my babble about getting my boobs massaged, about the dumb woman who threw up on the Chicago bus (and who’s puke got on my purse which had been resting on the floor), or see the dorky outfit I threw on this morning.


Tomorrow.  It’s almost here.


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