Poison Ivy. Oh Balderdash!

24 Sep

Oh Crikeees!!  I woke up with poison ivy on my arm this morning.  I always ruin myself when I have poison ivy because I can’t not touch it.  I’m obsessed with it.  People comment on how much I stare at it.  I itch myself til I bleed.  I have millions of weeds just waiting to be harvested in my yard and I innocently thought I could pull a couple.  WRONG!!

Today was the day I was supposed to do the 20 mile “fun run”.  The run was being offered to the public by my favorite running store, Playmakers.  It was mainly for those signed up for the Detroit and Grand Rapids marathons.  As you know, I’m not signed up for either one but was curious to see what 20 felt like.  My highest run before today was 17.71 so I really wasn’t that far off.

When waking up at 6:30am, I was trying to think of a good reason for backing out but no reason appeared.  Threw on some runwear for the 45 degree weather.  No one probably cares what I wore but because I was nervous I was going to forget something, I neglected to take a picture of run look.

Beautiful!  It was perfect.  My gloveless hands were ice cold for the first 3 miles.  The sun was shining.  No breeze.  No rain.  No music (no need for it).  Just running along the river with new friends.

So glad I followed through with it.  I had a goal of running easy with a 9 minute mile average.  I was afraid of getting lost on the course because I’m so navigationally (not a word?!) challenged.  Lucky me because I chose to run with people who were running about an 8:18 average.  Sadly, they either stopped to get drinks at the aid stations (and never caught back up) or they just decided to be done at mile 18.  I kind of freaked because I was sure I’d get lost without them..  I’m serious, I have two GPS’s going in the car whenever I go anywhere.  The trail was marked but not very good for this girl’s eyes.

In the end, I ran the 20 miles in 2:49 hours (about 8:27 mile average).

Went to Roo’s soccer game and then back home for a shower, meal and a nice nap.

Mick and I went to the Detroit Tiger’s game.  I wore my new American Eagle skinnies and a top from J Crew which had a keyhole in the back of it.  Love my knee-high boots…

The plan was to surprise our friend’s wife.  It was her birthday.  It was so much fun.  We chowed and drank for the whole game.  I think  that the Tigers lost 6 to 5 (wasn’t totally focused on the game).  Great fireworks at the end.

Look it’s Mick….

Popcorn all over the carpeting…

What’s going on with my neck?!

Mick and I were the only losers who didn’t get a hotel room at MGM.  Too late.  We didn’t have a choice once we figured it out because we left our 13 and 15 year olds home alone.

Mick didn’t drink and I drink a lot.  Good thing he was driving, right?  I can barely drive sober.  I’m a suckee driver.


2 Responses to “Poison Ivy. Oh Balderdash!”

  1. Alecia September 25, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    I had poison Ivy early this summer… All over my face! It was awful.

    • Shelly in MI September 25, 2011 at 10:22 am #

      Oh you poor girl. I know I need to toughen up because all I have, so far, is 4 blisters on my right arm/wrist. It’s still early though. The rash usually takes its time coming out in like a 10 day period.

      I never told you but I love, love, love the prom dress/Warrior Dash photo on your blog. So clever. So ballsy.

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