Day Off In More Ways Than One…

23 Sep

I had today off from work.  I shouldn’t have taken if off because I didn’t have anything to do.  Too late now.  What’s done is done, right?

Before heading out to do errands, I decided to wear my half marathon tech shirt.   It’s by New Balance.  It’s a large and the sleeves are a little shorter than I’d like but.  I originally had a medium but the sleeves only came to 3 inches above wrist.  Looked like it was made for a young girl.  It smelled weird so I definitely washed it to get the stink off it first.

While out and about, I was asked about the race or someone told me they ran in it or someone knew someone who ran in it.  This happened all day long.  It was actually kind of fun to talk about and revisit that day (Sunday, Sept 18th).

Quiet night.  Took Brucee to practice. No football games, no getting drinks with friends.  That’s okay because, right now, I have the mindset to run that 20 miles tomorrow morning at 8am.  I really want to do it.  I want to see if I’m able to do it.

Ending things with a bowl of Rice Krispies in my hand.  I could survive on cereal alone.  I love it!  Snap Crackle! POP!!


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