Do Not Throw Up On The Bus, Lady!!

22 Sep

First off.  Look at this needy thing…

She’s not a rat.  She’s my dog, Bella Blue.  She always looks petrified.  She’s a bit pathetic.  She has no fur on her belly and her teeth are awful (all 6 of them).   Seven years ago, I wanted a tiny chihuahua.  Little did I know that the real little one’s usually have more health problems.

While my daughter’s away at school, I borrow from her closet.  I wore her Topshop top today (purchased in NYC Jan 2011).  I paired it with some American Eagle jeans and short brown Bandolino boots.  Look at how incredible the sky looked this morning…

Can you see the detail on the back of the shirt?

Normally, I shy away from shirts like this because I think they look like maternity shirts but I was feeling pretty confident today.

Today was my Friday because I took tomorrow off just for the heck of it.

I don’t like being on a bus but I always sign myself up to go on these daytrips to Chicago by bus.  I do it because my mom does it and I love to hang out with my mom.  She’s sweet and funny.  A bonus is that my two sisters are going too.  We’ll be going on this glorious bus trip the beginning of December.

Thanks to my little sis, Marla, I discovered that Topshop is new to Chicago — yay!!  While Marla and I are getting very serious in Topshop and Zara, my mom will be smiling from ear to ear in Trader Joe’s.  I told you she was funny.   Now I like Trader Joe’s too but I am not grocery shopping in Chicago when I can visit the store in Michigan?!

My mom also likes to get warm wine in a boot-shaped mug at the German Market.  I never dress right so I freeze my ass off to get her there.

Now I’m not complaining (even though I am) but the woman refuses to take a taxi so we walk everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Navy Pier?  “We can walk there”….  German Market?  “It’s only a few blocks”… Marshall Fields? “I can see it so we can walk it”…  Look at the old Marshall Field’s holiday windows?  “Hey….let’s walk there”.  In the end, I’m glad we do all the walking  because whenever I go to Chicago, I totally chow.

The bus trip that we go on is loud and fun.  NO sleeping.  NO men allowed.  The last few rows of seats hold lots and lots of booze.  You can make any kind of drink imaginable.  When we leave town, we all toast with mimosas (at like 6 or 7 in the morning).  One year, a lady was drinking so much, she was totally wasted by like 8:30 and threw up.  I never, ever want to smell that again.  She got alcohol poisoning and spent the whole day in the hospital.  Again, can’t wait (the trip silly — not for someone to throw up, mind you).

Running.  Yep, I did it.

About 5:30pm, I ran 11.39 miles with an average mile of  8:15.  The weather  was perfect for a run.  It was cool enough for a long sleeve.  I listened to my Ipod instead Pandora for once.  I was worried since I haven’t spent a lot of time updating my music that I’d be disappointed.  I was wrong because my “old” music really kept me going throughout the run.  Funny, because I noticed I have a lot of Marilyn Manson songs.  The guy is crazy but I just love his music, especially his old stuff.

After I fed my sons and gave them instructions to hibernate.  Since I was rollin’ solo, I stopped for a peanut butter malt on my way to Mick’s softball games.

Late night for me.  Can’t make it a habit because I require lots of sleep.


One Response to “Do Not Throw Up On The Bus, Lady!!”

  1. Holly September 23, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    Ha! I looked into a bus trip to Chi when living in Fort Wayne. Never did it though. Yes, it’s freaking COLD there. Sounds like you will have fun when you go though.

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