What The Hell Wednesday…

21 Sep

I work from 4 to 8 tonight so I had the day to myself.  I’m taking the day off from running and using this earlier part of the day to work in the yard.  Our yard has been neglected…by me.  Mick works all day so, for the most part, the yard is my job.

ABC showed up at 9:30am to deliver my new range.  Remember, the old one was ruined July 28th by a lightning storm.  I kept my distance from the delivery Joes so I didn’t talk their ears off since I tend to nervously babble in uncomfortable situations.  After signing off that I promised not to stand on my new range (derrrr?!)  the guys set up my new range and were out the door (like appliance ninjas).   My new friends said a lady flipped her range over by standing on the open door.  She must have sued and won like the ding a ling who sued McDonald’s for burning him/herself on hot coffee.

Here’s  the old, broken range.  We built our small, modest home back in 1993 and this is the range I chose.  At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing.  The smooth top ranges were newer at that time.  Little did I know that I’d grow to hate white appliances.  I actually don’t really care for my kitchen.  I wasn’t too upset when the lightning ruined this sad oven/stove.  Trying to be patient because someday, some wonderful day in the future, I’ll be able to have a new kitchen. 

Here’s my new Whirlpool.  It has the convection option available.  We’ll have the best frozen pizzas, right?  I don’t want to use my new range because I’m afraid to get it dirty. 

Work.  Yep, I did it and I survived it.  And, I think I made a difference in everyone’s lives there. Not really.

I wore a New York & Company one piece.  I love wearing it.  It’s like wearing pajamas. 


I also wore a necklace my friend, Chris, made me.  She sells her goodies at Grassroots Beadery  Chris has a lot of belly dancer clothing as well.


Of course, you know I’m wearing my white wrap bracelet from Adrienne Morrow Jewelry.  I barely go out without it.  Check her bracelets out at http://adriennemorrowjewelry.bigcartel.com/  I love the way the silver balls catch the light and I love the detail in the wooden button.  Keep in mind that the wrap can also be a belt, necklace, arm band, or anklet but I love to wear it as a bracelet.

  Image of White Leather Wrap Bracelet

The only thing I dislike about working til 8pm is I don’t have much time with my sons.  

Hope that you watched or DVR’d The Middle and Modern Family.   I did.  Just not sure when I’ll watch them since I have a ton of crap already recorded.  

I’m hoping to run 9 miles tomorrow.  We’ll see….


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