Try Not To Embarrass Yourself, MmKay…

20 Sep

Back to the Ole Grind.

I threw on my Zara suspendered pants, Guess sweater, Nine West boots and Hanes boxers (not really).

It was soooo froggy this morning.  They actually had a “fog advisory” until 10am.  Serious stuff!  It’s okay because I drove all the way to work with my eyes shut.

Came home from work and watched last night’s Dancing With The Stars.  I enjoy the show when I know a few of the stars but there’s a bunch I know on this season.

Ran at 5:32pm.  I ran 9.65 miles with an average mile of 8:16.

Yes, I’m wearing pajama shorts (AE).

It was so beautiful.  No music.  I’m starting to be okay with the “no music”.   I definitely think it’s safer because I can hear more of what’s going on around me.  I daydream a lot when the music’s in my ear.  I certainly don’t need to get squashed from a car or semi.  I probably wouldn’t be as fortunate at Reese was…

And after peeing my pants (a little) at the half marathon on Sunday, I certainly wouldn’t want to get hit by a car.  I’d for surely PEE…my…pants…

I have different routes I like to take each day.  I usually don’t know where I’m going when I start out.  For the most part, I like to run to my parents’ house.  One, I know it’s a good 8 miles (which is a comfortable distance for me) and two, I drink out of their hose.  Today, I show up at their house and noticed my dad in his garage (his back to me).  He is seriously “The Lawn Ranger”.  Their lawn looks like carpet (plush not berber).  He was whistling or humming to himself  with his Ipod.  He turned around and saw me.  I giggled and he replied, “Eric Clapton”.

Fall is coming.  Check out this beautiful Red Sunset Maple tree in our yard.  I love that it’s only partially changed colors…

EMBARRASSING MOMENT… Keep in mind that I have several embarrassing moments… everyday.   The appliance delivery guy called because he was on his way to my house to deliver my range/oven/stove.  He wasn’t supposed to come until this afternoon and there was no way for me to be there this morning to receive it.  So, I said, “Can you do me tomorrow instead?”  Not sure if he chuckled or not but he said, “okay”.  So awkward.  Tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll be the same guy I offered myself to so it’ll be challenging for me to act normal and not talk 50 miles an hour when he shows up.  When I’m uncomfortable, I talk more than normal…a lot more.

RANDOM FACT… My younger self aspired to own a 1970’s Gremlin as my first car.

WTH!!  But not much better is the older me has always wanted a Jeep Wrangler.  I’m a simpleton and easy to please…


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