Yo Nanas! No, You Are…

16 Sep

It’s Friday!!! Yeah, boyyyy!

Today I wore my Seven For All Mankind jeans, Free People tank, J Crew shirt and my Nike Air Rift shoes.  Oh my, is my zipper undone?  I’m just noticing this now.


It was Sneaker Day at my work.  How ’bout yours?  Do you get special days to prance around in jeans and sneakers?  Probably not.

I’m taking tomorrow off from running because I want my legs to be fresh for the Half Marathon on Sunday. 

Today, I started my run at 3:57pm and I ran 8.64 miles with an 8 minute average mile.  Not bad for me.  It was cool at 54 degrees.  My head is stuffed up and my nose was running the whole time.  Halfway, I stopped at my mom and dad’s for a noseblow and a drink of water so the whole run was tolerable. 


I’ve read that 65 degrees is the ideal temperature for running (not sure where I read it) but my body temperature seems to be a bit warmer because I’m always hot (I hate long sleeves).  I figure 65 is alright but a lower temperature, like 55, is perfect for me, myself and I. 

My daughter, The Who, came home from college about 3:30pm.  The weekend will fly because she’s here (and I can’t get enough of her attention) but I need to be thankful she visits as often as she does.  She tries to come home about every 2 to 3 weeks.  

With her permission, I signed her up for the 5k Sunday.  Funny cause she’s a soccer player and not a runner (“I hate running”).  To keep in shape in the off-season, her dad and I practically forced her to do cross-country her Junior year of high school.  The girl never ran before that and she did the 5k’s in the low 21’s pretty effortlessly considering she really didn’t want to do it. 

Today was my little sista’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARLA!!!  Her man-slave (husband) got her the Yonanas.  I’d never heard of it but she was super happy about it.   And The Who, Marla’s groupie, said it was fantastical as well.  We’ll see….Anybody have any favorite recipes for the Yonanas? 

Tomorrow’s going to be another busy day.  So tired.  I had a couple Airborne’s today in hopes that my head clears up and becomes happy again.  Whether they work or not doesn’t matter as they can’t hurt, right?


One Response to “Yo Nanas! No, You Are…”

  1. Holly September 18, 2011 at 10:07 am #

    Can’t wait to hear how your half goes! Those are some crazy shoes you have. And you … showing off your designer jeans! JEALOUS.

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