Don’t Be Frosty Now…

15 Sep

Sad.  Summer’s over, isn’t it?  Woke up to frost on the ground and a cold house.  I refuse to turn the heat on.  Sorry family.

Wearing a black skirt from Francesca’s, shirt from J Crew and Aerosoles go-go boots (Brucee calls them this).

My hair’s been looking drab…weighted down…dark and dreary.  I’m trying to grow it out (even though I could shave it all off next week since I’m random like that).  I thought I needed a trim and some highlights.  Girlee talked me out of cutting anything — said it didn’t feel heavy to her.  Ended up only getting 5 foils.  Brightened me up a bit, yeah?

I hope I’m not coming down with something.  I feel like my sinuses are getting plugged.  Headache, stuffed up, lethargic — not a good combo for this Sunday’s Half.  I took Tylenol and started my run at 3:23pm.  I ran 11.73 miles with an average mile of 8:20.  It was sunny and 54 degrees.  It was windy.   Dislike…

Yes, I’ve gotten into a couple fender benders.  I’m known in my family for it.

My father in law has a tree farm about a tenth of a mile from my house.  He has this fella with a big tree spade coming in and out of his property all day long digging up trees and delivering them somewhere else.  Today, Spader Joe was in front of me driving to dig up another tree.  Being I was behind him (tailgating), he paused a bit and got over so I’d pass.  There was no way I was passing him because I knew he was about to turn left.  Digger Dave threw his arms in the air disgusted that I didn’t take advantage of his hospitality.

I had my reasons, thank you.  The last time I passed someone on this strip was the time I passed my father in law on his tractor and low and behold as I was passing him, he turned into me and crashed my car (my car bounced off his tractor — those suckers are tough).  Mick was disgusted because I should have known his father (“fasha” as Brucee likes to say) was turning and I should have waited.  My defense….He didn’t use a farmer’s signal to show he was going left.  I still say it was his dad’s fault but I will never win that one with Mick.

I know all of my arm signals from my days of riding my Huffy Dusty Rose (with a banana seat, thank you very much).  The boys in my neighborhood dug my bike cause it could do wheelies.   That bike was AWESOME (whispering, “aweesomme” like Brick from The Middle)!  Sorry, no pictures of me on my beautiful white bike.  Mom, why are there no pictures of me on my Dusty Rose?  WTH!

My new merino wool Stoic shirt has THUMB HOLES.  I love thumb holes.  Yes, I am wearing my sweat pants and Mia boots that I wore yesterday (it doesn’t count cause I only wore them 2 hours so NahhhhH!).

Because she was so beautiful from being recently washed, I took Sophee Girl with me to watch one of Mick’s softball games.

So cold.  I’m still unthawing as I type this.   Bed, please…..


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