BAD Dog!!

14 Sep

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Wore an H&M dress and some Nine West pumps…

Oh my gosh.  If my dog rolls in wild animal poo poo one more time….I’m gonna… I’m gonna…  Seriously.  I’m not going to do a damn thing.  I love that frickin’ dog.  Think about it though.  I give her a warm sudsy bath.  I dry her off with my bath towels (a massage, in her eyes).  And to top it off, I brush her all pretty.  It’s not that I don’t ever give her attention.  We love on her all the time.  She must just like the special attention I give her after rolls in the nasty.

Came home to package in the mailbox.  I love, love, LOVE packages.  My Stoic merino wool shirt had arrived (paid $29 for a $59 shirt).

Upon closer inspection, I couldn’t believe that my shirt hadn’t fallen out of the bag. 

First of all, put my little shirt in a huge bag.  Second of all, the bag looked like it was burned by something.  The burn/melting went all the way through and I was surprised that the shirt wasn’t ruined.  I did notice a little black spot on the shirt. 

Whether it comes out in the wash or not, I’ll keep the shirt because I’m more interested in the shirt functioning for me then looking pretty.   Here’s a picture of me wearing the shirt with my head removed…

Shallow/ Shallow

No run today.  My legs were so sore.  Bitch, bitch, bitch. 

It was wet and cold this evening.  I took Brucee to soccer practice and I wanted to be comfortable.  I looked crazy but comfort was all I cared about.  My outfit was so sloppy and put about 50 pounds on me.  I didn’t mind because I didn’t plan on leaving the car.  I love my Mia suede boots. 

I had all intentions of reading a book during the practice but I was soooo tired.  I jumped in the backseat and took a nap. 

I used to want a motorcycle.   I could have a helmet with pigtails, right? 

Face it, I wouldn’t be able to keep it upright.  Another negative (or positive depending on how you look at it) my kids would be mortified.  Another positive of a car vs a motorcycle,  I can nap in my car during a soccer practice (hiding in the back seat). I couldn’t nap on my motorcycle cause I’d look super duper stupid.


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