12 Sep

I can wear jeans to work everyday.  We don’t meet with the public.  And personally I think they feel sorry for us because we’re in the ugly building.  The other building is made of limestone and glass and it’s beaut-I-FUL!!!  Jeans are comfy but it gets old. 

Today I wore some grey dress skorts, a burned out light yellow shirt, Steve Madden Mary Jane’s and a belt from The Loft.  I was uncomfortable.  Should have worn jeans.

It was gorgeous out today.  Spectacular.

Mick took Brucee to his practice and I took Roo Dog to his game.  I wore my Lucky jean shorts and Ed Hardy sneakers.


My hair’s gotten pretty lifeless.  I’m trying to grow it out but I definitely need a trim (and a few highlights). 

SIX days till the half marathon.  The countdown has begun.  The countdown actually began the day I signed up.  I’m getting nervous.  I’m angsting (not a word?!).  I just want it to be over.

Remember….I HATE organized races.

Get this.  My daughter said she may want to do the 1/2 on Sunday with me.  She said it’d be okay if she walked some of it.  No big whoop.  Crazy girl.  I say that because she hasn’t trained for it all.  Wish I could be calm like her.  She very rarely gets razzled.  She’s more like her dad cause I’m a total spaz.  

I didn’t run today.  I’m hoping to do a big run tomorrow and if I don’t then, “oh well”…..


2 Responses to “Angsting…”

  1. Holly September 12, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    Six days? Wow!

    Where are you going to take your pics once there is snow on your deck? 😉

    • Shelly in MI September 13, 2011 at 6:46 am #

      Well I guess I’m going to have to clean my house and find a spot. Ha!

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