Momma Needs A New Range…

11 Sep

Met up with my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and grandma for their Sunday breakfast date.  My grandma is so funny.  She can’t hear a thing (yes, she has a hearing aid) and she focuses on funny things.  This week it was her Sunday newspaper.  She lives in a retirement home and someones been stealing the newspapers out of the newspaper receptacle.  She also likes to talk about her cleaning lady.  The cleaning lady said her boyfriend calls her fat and kicked her out of their home.  My mom and dad just smile and roll their eyes because they’ve heard it all before (over and over again).

As usual, I have no self-control so I ate a ton for breakfast.  I wanted to give myself a lot of time to digest before I went running or I definitely would have had problems.  Well, two hours turned to three hours and so on and so on. 

I decided I wanted to go find a new oven/stove.   Brucee wanted to tag along because he was hoping to scam me into taking him to a movie.  I was told by the kitchen designer to get a slide in range.  Gosh, they’re more $ than I thought they’d be.  I found this one at Sears and it’s more than $1300 and you need to pay extra to get it delivered and hard-wired (I guess I was naive in thinking I was going to get one for around $1000?!). 

They don’t make many slide in ranges around here, it seems.  I really need to get a range since my current one was smoked from the July 28th lightning storm.  

Panera’s for lunch.  Yummy.

I normally wouldn’t show pictures of the pills my family takes but I was in awe of the bottles that Target uses for their prescriptions.  Aren’t they crazy looking?  They’re red, store cap side down, and have a different colored ring for each person in your family.  No more ugly brownish orange bottles, right?

Ended up seeing the movie, “Captain America” with Brucee.  I was annoyed because, at first, I didn’t want to see it.  I thought it was going to be stupid and also because I wanted to see “Contagion” (which was going to make my little guy mad).  He’s always so nice to me so I caved and saw his movie.  I was glad I went with his choice because it was really good. 

Came home feeling bad about myself for drinking so much soda and ingesting so many bad things today (umm… like a double fudge brownie from Panera).  Threw on my running shoes, some velcro ankle reflectors and my “Run Naked” v neck shirt from Run Naked Sports.

Before my run…

And after my run…

I started my run around 8pm and ran 7.41 miles with an average pace of 8:22 a mile.  It took 1:02 hours.

Watched a little Celebrity Rehab and went to bed.


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