Tech Shirts Can Be Worn To Weddings. NOT!!

10 Sep


I’m going to take some time off from taking my fish oil supplement, “MegaRed” omega-3 krill oil.  I think it’s making me break out?!  I may start taking it again in the winter when it’s dryer…

I’m still looking for good deals on Smartwool so if anyone sees something, let me know.

And, I need running gloves for this winter.  I know there are thin one’s (I don’t want sweaty hands) that will keep your hands warm but what should I look for.  Brand name?

Hats.  What your preference on a hat for the cold running?

I’m kind of excited for our first snow.  I tend to look far ahead.  It’s only September and it shouldn’t snow or we shouldn’t have an accumulation of snow until December?  With that being said, the director at work who I like to talk about running with (she’s doing the Chicago marathon) says she loves it when there’s freshly fallen snow to run on.  She said it’s beautiful.

I think it’d be hard to run with earphones in while wearing a hat.  I don’t know.  Maybe the right hat won’t shove your  earphones in your ears but if it’s uncomfortable, I will not listen to music.  I’ve run a few times now where I didn’t listen to music and it was fine.

I don’t think I’ll run without my Iphone anymore (music or no music).  I like the comfort of having that phone.  If it’s raining, I’ll just it in a sandwich baggie.


And, good news, I still consider myself a runner.

I was good.  I sat in front of my lighbox this morning.

Mick and Roo didn’t appreciate it.  Mick asked if I was getting a tan (he knows I’m not).  Roo just said the light was bright and “rude” (he was tired).  I personally like the brightness of the light.  It’s soothing and it wakes me up.

Roo had a two game tournament today starting at 10:30am (35 minutes from home).  I was worried this morning because I woke up to rain.  Argh to the rain.  You blasted rain.  Why does this Michigan weather try it’s hardest to bring me down (I know that’s why it’s happening).

Wore my Phiten bracelet in case I had to do anything sporty.  Actually, I thought I could convince people I was athletic.  No one noticed it…

It cleared up and ended up being a pretty day.

Look at this cute little guy.  He was poking around and humming.  I had a hard time focusing on the game with him as entertainment…

We were home by 2:45pm and I started my run shortly after.

I ran 8.73 miles with an average mile of 8:13.  This run felt so-so.  It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t super easy either.  I kind of wanted to run farther but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I took two more pictures of some trees that had carvings in them.  You can hired some guy to come to your house with his chainsaw.  The first was what I thought was a little raccoon carved in it but now that I look at it again, I think it’s a grasshopper?!  I’ll need to look at it again in person because I’m just not sure anymore.  So strange…

The second one has squirrels climbing all over it.  Ironic, because this one’s my favorite and I’m scared of squirrels.  They are so cool in person…

DISCOVERY…  I’m thinking that my faster times in the last week and a half were actually accurate.  I had thought it was the free Iphone app I was using because my old Garmin was giving slower times (shorter distances?!).  But, my new Garmin is giving the same type of speeds as the Iphone app which means the old Garmin was a lemon (uploading and keeping track of my distances).   Yay for faster times and longer distances.

Mick and I were supposed to go to a wedding.  We skipped the wedding and went to the reception.  We had to skip the wedding since I wanted to run.

Wow!  Wish I could have taken some pictures for my blog of the people I saw.  The bridal party was dressed for a wedding but pretty much none of the guests were.  Mick wore jeans (and I thought he was joking when he told me so).  I decided to go casual too so I wore a skirt with ballet slippers.

I think we were overdressed.  I saw two guys at our table that were wearing “tech” shirts.  One was a sleeveless tech shirt.  I’m not going to say anything else mean because it was a special day for the bride and groom, right?  I need to stop being a “hater”.  It was just crazy-funny-bizarre.

Hope I’m not dehydrated because I  have a headache.  I’m such a bore because I’m going to bed early on a Saturday night.  Yawn…..


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