Merino Wool? Base Layer? Cold Gear?

6 Sep

Woke up to forty-six degrees.  Can I run in that?  Yes.  I’m not really concerned about that temperature.

What I am concerned about though is the cold temp’s Michigan gets.  I usually take it to the treadmill when the temperature gets to below 50.  I’m going to try to do something different and run as long as I can outside this winter.

Times are coming where it’ll be sub-zero and sleeting.  Will I actually run those days?

What will I wear?

It’ll probably warm up again before the real cold stuff comes.  I tend to worry about things months in advance.  Afterall, I’m kind of freaking out that I don’t have air for our January cruise.  You know, waiting for a better price.

I know I should dress in layers but I don’t want to carry stuff (clothing when I get too hot) in my hands mid run.  I don’t want to freeze.  I’ve bought a pair of Under Armour running tights so far.  Not sure what to wear for a jacket…

I thought the hot weather was rough.  Now I have to make sure I don’t get frostbitten.

Okay, so it’s not freezing yet but I still worry.  That’s my thing…worrying.

Today was absolutely perfect for a run. (dark picture but it truly was beautiful when I took it)


It was 49 degrees and partly sunny when I finally got going.  I started my run at 9:15am and ran 15.6 miles with an 8:13 average mile (again, probably not that fast but that’s what the app, “IMapMyWalk” on my Iphone said.

Yes, I wore the crazy socks.  They’re not just for bed after all…

Met with my doctor today to discuss my SAD (depression).  It’s back and it’s here earlier than usual.  She didn’t want me to start taking a massive amount of vitamin D (I already take 1200 IU’s) until after we look at my labwork.  Too much D could be toxic.  More to come on this.

Brucee, my daughter and I went to lunch and it was lovely.

We then went to my favorite running store in hopes of finding Brucee shoes.  Brucee found $125 shoes for his fast growing feet so I told him we needed to wait or that he’d have to come up with some of the cost.  We may revisit the store later.

While at the store, I asked for cold gear for running and the salesgirl recommended a Smartwool merino wool long sleeve (lightweight, next-to-skin) which would absorb sweat. 

Problem one, even though it’s not supposed to itch like regular wool….it did, kind of.  Two, it was $85 mother frickin’ dollars.  I’m going to look around to see if I can find it for a better price.

Chili dogs, chili mac spaghetti, potato salad, and corn for dinner.

Kissed my little girl goodbye and sent her off for school.

I have tomorrow off.  SWA EET!!


3 Responses to “Merino Wool? Base Layer? Cold Gear?”

  1. jeff September 6, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    Merino wool base layer and a outer shell with a zipper should do your upper body down to 10-15ish degrees. The zipper is key for temperature control without removing layers.

    Colder than that and you can add a fleece vest between the base and the shell.

    Tights work good for the lower body, but they are not going to get too cold working so hard anyways right?

    Also have to make sure to keep those hands warm too.

    • Shelly in MI September 6, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

      I’m learning and I really appreciate your help. Need to get it straight before I buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need.

      • jeff September 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

        It will take a few runs of experiment to get it totally figured out. General rule of thumb is that you should feel pretty much freezing from the time you walk out the door, up until the second mile.

        The rest should be pretty comfy actually. At least more comfy than a treadmill. haha

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