I looked So Beastie Today…

4 Sep

RANDOM FACT:  Sensitive toothpaste does work. 

It’s so nice to be home.  We left early Friday morning and were home by midnight Saturday but it felt so much longer than that.  I just like sleeping in my own bed.

Woke up this morning craving bacon.  The reason?  I made the mistake of watching the Pioneer Woman show on the Food Network and she made this macaroni and cheese and sliders and had bacon as a topping.  The bacon looked soooo yummy.

Because I had the craving, I had to satisfy it so off to breakfast we went.

Oink! Moo! Oink! Moo! 

Because I ate so much as breakfast, running had to wait a good 3 hours. 

Started my run about 1pm and ran 12.45 miles w/a pace of 8:27 average mile (again probably slower because the Iphone app is more generous than my Garmin watch).  The weather was beautiful.  I really wanted to run farther but my stomach was not sure if it was happy or sad.

Beastie Boys “Sabotage”….

Took Brucee to the Mall to look for running shoes (everyday school shoes to him). 

Check out the “toe thing” I’m doing in both pictures I took today. 

No luck.  Gave up and went to the Olive Garden.  I love their salad and soup. 

To wrap things up, went to see, “Our Idiot Brother” with my momma.  Oh and I loved it.  Paul Rudd was so funny.  I was worried it was going to be super funny in the beginning and then pathetically sad throughout but it was good all the way through.  

So sad how fast this weekend is going.  I couldn’t wait for my girl to get home for a visit from college (I know, it’s only been a week).  I feel like I haven’t spent any time with her.  Sucks!


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