Road Trip…

2 Sep

LIKE IT…I do like the new (April 2011) Beastie Boys CD, “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”.

I’m out-of-town and I only took a few pictures today.

We’re traveling for two soccer games today and tomorrow.  This is so insane.  First we drove 3 1/2 hours for the 1st game.  After, we drove another 1 1/2 hours further to a hotel.  The 2nd game will be Saturday morning.  After that, we’ll be driving back but will have to stop and pick up little Brucee at a friend’s cottage.

We never drive this far for a game.  That’s a lie.  We have before.  Or I should say, Mick has done it before.  Mick and I both came this time.  The drive sucks.  I do not enjoy riding in the car.  If I drive, I fall asleep after one hour so I’m not good at taking turns driving.  I know for a fact that both Mick and Roo wish I would have stayed home.

I did get a run in though.  Woke up at 6:30am this morning and did my run because I didn’t know if I’d be able to run later.  I ran 10.65 miles with an average pace of 8:19 (probably slower).  It rained a bit.  No prob.  I had my Iphone in a sandwich baggie.

After The Roo’s game, I had Mick drop me downtown for a little shopping.

My kind of clothing… a candy dress…

I found nothing to buy.  All I did was snack.   I went in and sampled dried cherries, peanut butter, and trail mix.  And, I bought a huge sugar cookie.

For dinner, we watched the MSU football game while eating chicken wings.  We left our son at the hotel because all he wanted to do was swim.  Mick and I wanted ice cream.

We couldn’t find ice cream but we did find frozen custard.  I got hooked up though…. cashews, caramel, hot fudge.  Nomnomnom…..

Mick got a gumball which he shouldn’t be allowed to have because he can’t chew it without sounding like a cow.  Not sure about the face?!

So tired.  We’ll be in the car forever tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.


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