Chipper UP, Buttercup…

29 Aug

It’s Monday….  All day.

Wore my comfy American Eagle jeans, a Staring At Stars shirt from Urban Outfitters, and some royal blue patent leather slipper shoes from Nine West.

Left work early to get Roo Dog to his 10th grade orientation.  After, the boys talked me into taking them to the local Mexican joint for lunch.  It was gross and I’ll never learn.

Came home and fought with my Garmin 405.  I haven’t been able to get it to successfully upload to my computer since Wednesday, August 24th.  I finally called Garmin since they helped me last time.  I only bought this watch mid-June and it seems like uploading is a problem on and off. 

Well, after being on the phone for almost an hour with a very patient Garmin representative, I’m shipping the sucker back to them tomorrow.  After 7-14 days, hopefully, they’ll be shipping a new replacement watch to me. 

I’m really bummed about the watch but I’m going to give them another chance (don’t think I have a choice?!).  For now, I’m using a free app called “IMapMyWalk” on my Iphone to track my runs.

I was pretty down after the whole Garmin incident and had proscrastinated on running.  It was getting pretty late and I needed to get dinner done so I thought for sure I’d miss my run altogether.


I showed myself though because at 7:19pm, I ran 7.23 miles with an average mile at 8:02 minutes.   I think the Iphone app is a bit more generous w/time and distance than the Garmin so I might not have really ran that fast.

 A bit sweaty (svetty)…


I felt fine but I was lucky because right before I started my run, I had just finished eating a cheeseburger, zucchini and cottage cheese. 

Even though I got in a run, today was depressing and unproductive.  I can only hope that tomorrow will be better.


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