Are You High?

27 Aug

It was a beautiful day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had to wake up at 4am to get Brucee to his 7am game.  I was so tired, I was bit spastic until I crashed at 8:30am.  No nap for me.

Even though it was sunny, breezy, and 80, it was a long day.  I was supporting my son but all I could think of was that I just wanted to sleep.


I’m a unicorn.

Are you high?

I’m going to vomit (referring to my driving).

Don’t be taking my picture.

You’re crazy.

Can I have your purse?

Mom, did you know there’s a part of your elbow called the Weenis?


Okay, funny story, or a bizarre story I should say.  The Who and I are watching Brucee’s soccer game and we had slipped off our flip flops (because it felt good).  Some lady says to Who, “can I borrow your flip flops, there’s a glare from the sun on the bleachers?”.  Who, who is the sweetest thing, said, “sure”.  Within about 10 minutes, the ding a ling, weirdo lady, proceeded to slowly and slyly slip  The Who’s flip flops on her own feet.  The Who didn’t want me to make a production of it but I was so annoyed.  She had a huge bandage on her feet and she was gnarly.

(The Who’s flips are kind of hidden (next to the Adidas soccer slides)).   The Who’s afraid I’m going to get  caught taking a picture of the dumb woman’s feet.  The’s Who’s eyes are not really cross-eyed (not that there’s anything wrong w/people who have crossed eyes). 


Got home about 6:30pm.  Showered the sweat and sleepiness away…


Oh I’m going to regret it.  I just know it.


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