Crotch Hands…

25 Aug

Oh gee whiz.  Stupid Garmin refuses to upload successfully to my laptop.  I’ve been trying since about 3:15pm.   

Up at 6:30 for work.  Wearing a watermelon tulip shirt, a green skirt from Urban Outfitters and Target white eyelet wedges.  I hate to iron but I had to iron this outfit — it was unavoidable.


Wicked Witch Way.  That’s where you’ll find Momma…

Like I said, work was slow; therefore, very boring…

Came home and my daughter had packed up everything and left for college.  So sad.  I know I have to focus on her happiness and let my selfishness go…

To help with my blues, started my run at approximately 1:40pm and completed 9.86 miles.  I was so rushed because my little guy had a doctor’s appointment and my middle son had a soccer game at 5pm. 

Bruce was bored.  Afterall, they didn’t have a TV in the examination room at the doctor’s for him to hook the Playstation up to.  Caught him touching the floor lamp.  Gross.  Yuck.  I immediately told him “hands off” because that’s what the doctor uses to look at ladies’ crotches.  Oh, he didn’t like that.  He didn’t like that I went there.   I told him I was trying to be effective and I knew he wouldn’t touch the lamp again if he associated it with something unspeakable.  He was still disgusted.

I made Bruce take a picture of me by the ear diagram.  NO reason, just because.  Brucee was not happy of having to take a picture of me because his greatest fear came true…the doctor walked in and B still had the camera in hand.  My poor son.  I’m weird, he’s not.


As we were walking to check out, Brucee took a shot of antibacterial soap.  He then proudly exclaimed, “No crotch hands for me”!  Awesome, this kid is awesome. 

My day ended nicely by seeing Roo Dog score a goal at his soccer game (along with another three attempts on goal). 

Bought new landline phones tonight (to replace the others destroyed by July 28th’s storm).  I seriously don’t think I can ever get rid of my home telephone.   We’ve been together forever.  I OWN that #.  NO ONE else can have it. 

RANDOM… Cannot wait to see the movie, “Our Idiot Brother”.  I love all movies but my favorites are comedies and horrors.


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