A Secret Exposed…

23 Aug

A Secret Exposed…Dah Dah Daaaaah!  It’s not that exciting  guys.

I either love making dinner for my fam or I can’t stand doing it.  This last week has been rough.  I think we’ve eaten out 6 of the 7 days…Seriously.  There’s five of us so I should be providing for my family.  It’s healthier and it’s cheaper. 

This brings me to my cooking show idea.  Last week, I bought a purple cauliflower from the discount rack at the grocery store.  It was 9 cents.  It’s sat in my fridge since then, untouched.  Normally, it’d have to go in the trash BUT, not this Cauli.  I had plans for this Cauli.  I took the cauli and I cut off all the bad (there was a lot).  Threw it in the microwave and covered it with cheese.  My daughter saw all this so I don’t think she had any.  The boys (and I) ate it though. 

Why don’t they make a cooking show where they show you how to take old food that you’d normally trash and make a delicious and healthy meal out of it.  “Don’t trash it,  clean it up and cook it!”  That’d be the title of my show.  

Seriously, I know that’s gross.  Normally I’d keep it to myself.  I’d take it to my grave but I just felt like exposing myself (no skeletons in my closet).  I know other people pull crapola like this too so don’t act all innocent.

Keep in mind that the rest of tonight’s meal was awesome.  Braised pork w/onions and peppers w/tomato sauce and red wine.  As usual, I didn’t take a picture because my tablescapes just aren’t that appealing.  I’m impressed with myself when I use real plates. 

NO running for me today.  It’s so time-consuming.  Days are getting shorter and shorter with the kids and their sports and getting ready to start school.  I do not know how full-time workers do it.  My house is a mess and we all know I’ve been skipping out on making dinner.

What sucks about going out to eat is whatever I order, I eat and then walk away not feeling satisfied.  It doesn’t taste that great and I stuff myself because the portions are too big.  I work late tomorrow night so I’ll probably skip making dinner again but The Who will make dinner in my absence. 

By the way, today my personal style was wear some crap no-brand skinny jeans from Macy’s with a lovely top from the same store.  I do have to admit that I love the dark gray flats from Liz Claiborne (oldies but goodies) that I’m sporting.

Work was lovely today.  More lovely was leaving it to come home.

After leaving, my mom said she felt the earthquake from Virginia.  She’s on the 6th floor (we work in the same building) which might have something to do with it?! …because I didn’t feel it.  She said it made her feel a little dizzy.  Crazy stuff, eh? 

RANDOM…New favorite t-shirt is simply the Hane’s Men’s v-neck tagless t-shirts (5 pack on sale for $9.99 at Meijer).   They’re so comfy. 

For a treat, got a 12 pack of mini carrot cake cupcakes.  Yes, I had three (first I licked the frosting off them so no one else would eat them…smiles).


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