I Enjoyed Me Some Happy Hour

22 Aug

Lazy Days… Don’t cha love ’em?  I do.   Blew off work today (not really, it was planned).

To me, that means sleeping in till I wake up naturally.  That could be 7am, 8:30am or even 10:00am.  I woke up at about 8:30am.  I was starving so I jumped up and ate a huge bowl of Autumn Wheat by Kashi.  My eating sabotaged an early run.

That’s fine, I’ll run at 11am.  Wrong again.  Mick called and wanted The Who and I to meet him for lunch at 11:45.  NO run.  Met up for some Asian food which made me feel nauseous.

Wearing a J Crew t-shirt and some Forever 21 shorts (borrowed from my little babe).  I’m still loving my white leather wrap bracelet from Adrienne Morrow Jewelry.

My math showed that I could run about 2pm (2:30 since my lunch wasn’t sitting well).  Well, The Who decided she wanted to run in town.  Dropped off Roo, the soccer supreme, at his practice and ran from there.  One, I wasn’t mentally ready to run and two, bless her little heart, The Who was running with me and I knew my pace would be off.

It worked out fine because the “girl” and I ran for 4.2 miles together and then I finished the rest by myself for a total of 9.33 miles.  My pace was 8:54 a mile.  I ran without music today.  I just love the thump, thump my shoes make as they hit the pavement, NOT.

I know, I look like a boy w/man boobs.

My sons and I mooched in on The Who’s date with her friend, Katie.  We had “happy hour” sushi.  Ever heard of such a thing?  The menu had a lot discounted items til 6pm.  I love sushi but when I eat it, I don’t ever get that “full” feeling.   I didn’t want to make a pig of myself so I pretended like I was full when ALL the food was gone.

After letting The Who and her friend go off to do real fun stuff, the boys and I wandered to Urban Outfitters.  I can go into that store daily if I had to.  Here the boys are playing on the beds.

Roo said there were pins in the pretend bed and he wanted Brucee to see if he could feel them….in his back.

Brucee had practice so I had relaxing plans to sit in my car and watch Nurse Jackie (season 2) for an hour and a half.

Roo thought he was just getting sushi and then we’d go straight home so he penalized me for 15 minutes by nagging the poop out of me before I caved and gave him cash to walk for ice cream.  He’s a jerk so I rewarded him.  Perfect parenting, right?

Roo drove everywhere this afternoon so I needed a big treat.  Ice cream it was.  I was still a little traumatized but it helped.   Keep in mind, I was fine with The Roo’s driving until he took us into a corn field months back.  I’m having a hard time shaking it.

Sucks but I have to go back to work tomorrow.  BACK To tHe GRinD…  Don’t let me fool you, I love my job.  They’re so nice to me.  Plus, it makes me get dressed in the morning.


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