Anal Leakage

21 Aug

Rise and shine!!  It’s Sunday but it’s NOT a rest day.

Up and at ’em but not too early.  I had a mini freak-out because I couldn’t find our Golden Retriever, Sophee.  Looked in everyone’s rooms and looked in the basement but no luck.  I was super worried she was let out in the middle of the night and someone forgot to let her in but that wasn’t the case.  It was a  mystery for about 5 minutes (which felt like a lifetime).

Finally, I remembered my 20 year old daughter and her friend were making a production because something disgusting happened late last night.  It was hard to remember because I was in my nightly coma.  The girls were grossed out because they noticed Sophee had some anal leakage action going on.  It’s never been an issue before.  Being she didn’t know what to do, The Who put Sophee Girl in her crate for the night.  Sophee’s hiney-who-who looks okay so far today.

It was a little sprinkly at first but once I got going, it was a beautiful morning to run.  Starting at 9:24am, I ran  15.54 miles with an 8:55 average (slower than usual?!).  I had a little chaffing under my right upper arm which I’ve never gotten before.  So bizarre.

My whole run, all I kept thinking about was how hungry I was.  I’m glad I run without $ because I ran by several fast food joints.  I got home and made myself a toasted whole wheat bread and tuna sandwich with colby jack cheese and dill pickle slices.  I chased it with some Chips Ahoy cookies and some blueberries.

Went to a pool/birthday party at 3pm.  It was beautiful out but not warm enough to put my bathing suit on.

The boys played on go-carts and played outside for hours which was wonderfully shocking to me.

After the a couple of euchre games (cards) and three (lost count?!) Absolut and lemonades, headed home to watch some pre-recorded Chopped episodes. The Who and I enjoyed some onion bagels with smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion and green onion cream cheese.  Deelish!!


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