Love My New Wrap Bracelet…

20 Aug

So excited when I got the mail today.  My bracelet from Adrienne Morrow Jewelry arrived.  So glad I found her site on Twitter (@adriennewraps).  Check out some of the other designs at

Adrienne sent me this awesome wrap bracelet.  It’s made from white leather and metal balls.  She’ll do custom pieces too.   I’ve wrapped it around my wrist 5 times which is primarily how I’ll wear it.  But,  I can and will wear it as a belt, around my upper arm, as an anklet or even as a necklace. 

I’ve worn it all day long.  She said I could wear it running but I’m afraid to sweat on it.  Maybe after I’ve had for a little while I’ll start wearing it while I exercise but it’s too new to me right now.  It’s so easy to wear and so comfortable. 

It’s so nicely made.  You can pop the button through one of the two eyelets.  The wooden button is so detailed with the jewelry brand etched in it. 

Sleepy day but I did manage to mow the lawn and get bit in the head by a horsefly.  Usually, the swelling spreads to around my eye but thank goodness, it stayed contained to the top corner of my forehead.  Please excuse my freshly washed, wet hair.  


Random Picture… My little sista, Merles, sent me a picture of a Pot Shop.  Not sure why she was there being she doesn’t need medical marijuana.  Silly Merles.  But on a serious note, my mom has Multiple Sclerosis and I tell her she should cash in on some diggidy with a medical license but she just giggles.  We (my mom and our family) are very lucky with how my mom copes with MS.  She’s a trooper and she’s a very positive person.  I pray she continues to do well. 


After getting rid of some kids, went to dinner with Mick and Roo.

Mick works so hard and was too tired to do anything else so I took Roo to see the movie, “30 Minutes or Less”.  Hello Shelly, it’s rated “R” for a reason.  I was dying.  We’re not prudes but the nudity made it extremely awkward.


 It’s late and I’m tired so CHOW!!


2 Responses to “Love My New Wrap Bracelet…”

  1. adrienne morrow (@adriennewraps) August 21, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you like your wrap bracelet! I wondered what a pot shop looks like! Hilarious.

    • Shelly in MI August 22, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

      My pleasure on the bracelet. It’s the coolest thing.

      And, I’ve never seen a pot shop either.

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