I Was Running…

19 Aug

I’m late.  I’m late to blog.  I want to blog daily so I’m cheating.  I’m doing the 19th’s blog on the 20th (just like an hour into the 20th so it’s no biggee).

Today, I wore a dress I wore to one of my class reunions.  It fit better this time than when I wore it last.  I say this because my boobs weren’t popping out this time.  You know, more appropriate for work.   I borrowed my daughter’s Nine West shoes.


I love the detail around the collar and on the sleeves.  Wearing a favorite Brighton bracelet.


Came home from work at noon and crashed on the couch.  I was so drained.  I really thought I was going to take a day off from running. 

On my way home from work, I picked up some Biofreeze for my knees.  You have to purchase it from a rehabilitation center or a chiropractor’s office.   I think I love this stuff.   I know nothing about it but I got it because the director in my department uses it and swears by it.   

I felt guilty though.  I’m afraid that if I miss too many days, my running will fizzle out before I have to do the 1/2 marathon on September 19th.  Plus, I was so down.  I knew a run would pep me up and get rid of the worthlessness that I was letting cloud over me. 

I started my run at 4:16pm.  I ran 11.76 miles with an average mile of 8:37.  I barely finished before having to jump in the car and get my little guy to his soccer practice. 

I wore my jammies running (again).


I know, soccer practice on Friday night.  That’s just not right.   After practice, The Who, Brucee and I met up with their dad and brother at a local restaurant.  I was surprised because our friends with there.  We ate dinner with them and then bowled afterwards. 

Things went a little later than I thought they would which explains my delinquent blogging. 

I think this weekend is my last free one.  Things are going to get crazy and school’s starting for the kids.  I miss summer already.


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