Easy now no need fi go down…

18 Aug

ReD BlACK yELLow.  I’ve worn that group of colors twice this week.  What can I say?   I really like the combination.

I wore some old Abercrombie pants, a Free People brown/navy tank and some weird red pumps I picked up a vintage boutique.  Weird cause that boutique was only in business for 3 months.  The shoes were Two Lips.

I wore my little head wrap thingee from Urban Outfitters.  Most people were reacting with, “what are you wearing on your head”?  Well, pooh on them.

SONG THAT PLAYED IN MY HEAD ALL DAY LONG….It was Calabria 2008 by the musical group, Enur.  It’s Raggae.  I had to look up the lyrics to figure out what the heck the chickee was saying.  Whoop Whoop!  Check out the lyrics.

After work, took the boys to see the movie, Planet of the Apes.  Even though there were a lot of sad parts, I really, really loved this movie.

I wasn’t going to run today because my knee was kind of sore.  Went against my better judgement and did it anyways.  My bad because I ran 3.51 miles with an 8.29 average.  I couldn’t get into the run so I kept it short and sweet.  I felt so heavy and my shoes felt like cement blocks.  It was hot too.


I threw on some of my big girl jean shorts from American Eagle with this cute belt from J Crew because I was going to go to the Mall with The Who (daughter) while Brucee did his soccer practice but the girl backed out on me.

Instead, I wore my fancy belt while I watched Nurse Jackie, Season 2 in my car.

Wish I would have worn my boxers and a comfy t-shirt while shacked up in my car, but there was no time to change.  Remember, I was stood up.  I’m not bitter… Actually, I am.


One Response to “Easy now no need fi go down…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 19, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Are those boy’s shorts? LOL

    I have a pair of Levi’s from the junior men’s department. LOVE EM.

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