Gotta Keep My Eye On The Prize…

17 Aug

Today, Hump Day, I joined most of the other adults and went to work.  It’s always a good time so why not?

I wore a J Crew green comfy shirt (love this shade of green), black skirt from the boutique, Francesca’s and wedges by Franco Sarto (The Who found them at a consignment store).

I’m typing up today’s blog while trying to watch The Adjustment Bureau at the same time.

Today was an emotional day for me.  I took a big step.  If you’ve read my other posts, you’d see that I debate with myself about whether or not to sign up for another 5k or my first 1/2 marathon.  I was super torn.  About a week ago, I finally settled with the idea that it’s not for me and a bumper sticker, a t-shirt and/or bragging rights are not enough for me to sign up for an organized race where I’ll be mentally tortured until I’ve completed it.

My director is training for a marathon and has already done four 1/2 marathons so I like to go in her office to talk to her about running (and if she’s not there I can eat her mini candy bars).  She commented that she’s getting a “26.2” tattoo once she’s completed the marathon (because she already has a “13.1”).  A…Light…Went ON!

Tattoo?  OMG.  Oh my God!!  Now that’s my language.  I love tattoos.  A tattoo is all the incentive I need to do another race.  I don’t care what my time is.  All I care is that I finish the race without  pooping my pants and that I can get a tattoo that says, “13.1”.

I signed up!!!!! I almost signed up for the marathon too because I would love just to get it over with and collect my two tattoos.  I’m so excited….for the tattoo, that is.  Gotta keep my eye on the prize.

Running.  Oh yes, I ran today.  I started my run at 4:54pm.  I ran 9.68 miles with an average of 8:26.  I felt so liberated because I went shirtless.  Don’t worry, I wore a winter coat…NOT.  It was low 80’s so it felt awesome.  I had a fantastic sweat if that’s possible.

Okay, so again, I didn’t make dinner.  Suckee, suckee, I know.  I went to pick up some cheap pizzas for the family and while waiting for them, went to the deli for a sub for myself.  While waiting in line, noticed a creeper lady closing in on me to get a better look at my tattoos.  That’s fine, I don’t mind…normally.  It was the way she acted that spooked me.  She was close which is the first big no-no.  I have an imaginary bubble and NOONE’s allowed to cross into it.  Two, she had shitola in her teeth.  And three, she had three 40’s in her arms (nasty beer).  I apologized to Brucee for acting snooty and he said I was perfectly nice (fake because it wasn’t necessary to hurt her feelings).

Brucee then gave me the best compliment ever.  He said that he liked that I wasn’t normal like all the other mom’s (not that the other mom’s are like the lady w/shitola in her teeth).  I love that I’m not normal either.

Today, on the Twitter (where you can follow me @shellyinmi), I told Joey Lawrence that I was impressed with  his muscles.  Yesterday, I asked Jonah Hill to take me to The Sitter premiere.  Surprisingly, neither one responded.  Do I feel dumb? No.

Should I?  Probably.








3 Responses to “Gotta Keep My Eye On The Prize…”

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun August 18, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    Oh my goodness…thank you for sharing your blog and commenting on mine so I could find you! I can already tell I’m going to just love your fire. And love the motivation for the race sign up. Too awesome. And I have a feeling you will kill the half running like you did 9+ miles!

  2. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 18, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    Great to hear you found your motivation!

    That skirt is really cute BTW. I tried to take a work outfit pic the other day like you do. Mine looked awful. I just cannot pull it off like you do!

  3. Alecia August 18, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    Maybe I should think about a tat?… hmmm…

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