Um, Mom, Where Are You?

16 Aug

Ahhhh.  Tuesday…

Today was just gorjus (I know it’s spelled wrong) in Michigan. 


Wore some of The Who’s old capri pants (no lining = itchy).  I like the red, yellow and black color combination.  Oh yes and I love the candy apple red slingbacks I was sporting too.

Check out the king’s crown ring w/real black diamonds (not).  Funny, cause I found it in the bookstore at The Who’s college.  It’s fun.

I’m horrible about wearing my Pandora bracelets but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

Today I had a laser beam appointment for hair removal.  It works but I feel like it’s taking forever.  I think I started like three years ago.  I was told it’d take about 6 sessions.  I go every 8-10 weeks so do the math.  It’s definitely taking more than the six.  When entering the building, an insurance broker fellow complimented me on my red shoes.  Funny because I usually get the compliments from other ladies (not men). 


I got in trouble by The Roo and by the hubbles.  I started my run at 2:08pm and ran way out in the country.  I realized too late that I wasn’t going to make it home in time to get Roo-boy to his scrimmage in time.  No problem, I can call his sister and have her take him.  Well she was working late (she never does this).  Roo had to ride his bike (a whole 2 miles) so he was a little irritated with me.  I work part time to help get my kids where they need to be (and make dinner) so Mick didn’t appreciate my poor planning. 

By the way, since everyone’s dying to know,  my run was 12.33 miles.  My average mile was 8:26.  I felt pretty good after this run.  I would have run further if I would have more time.  My last two runs have been music free.  They were fine but it was nice to have the tunes in my ears again. 

Because of my not preparing a dinner (can you say winner?), had to take the kids to eat at the local Mexican restaurant after the scrimmage.  Yoops.

Remember the movie, “Adventures in Babysitting”?  Of course you do.  Well, guess what?  Mick usually responds with, “how many guesses” (which annoys me)?  And I say, “none, I’m just going to tell you”.  Anywho, there’s a movie coming out similar to AIB but it has Jonah Hill in it.  It’s called The Sitter.  Cannot wait to see it.   I sent a Twitter-twat to Jonah asking him to take me to the premiere. 


Today just flew by.  I just can’t wait for tomorrow.  I decided I’m going to get it right tomorrow.


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