I’m A Cowgirl…

12 Aug

Swell.  Today was swell.  How could it not be?  It’s Friday.

Today, I wore an  old dress from Lucky Brand (2 years ago?!). 

I purchased it at the Chicago store. 

I love it and I especially love my Lucchese cowboy boots.   I turn into a cowgirl when I wear them. 

 I’m wearing some of my favorite bracelets too.  Going from left to right, J Crew, BCBG (gift from my daughter), and a bracelet that I purchased from a friend’s mom who used old vintage beads.

After work, I went to the library to pick up the latest Dexter DVD’s.  Sad to say, that I ordered Season 4 thinking it was the latest season.  I was wrong and had to rerequest the 5th season.  I love Dexter.   Michael C. Hall is so gorgeous.   

Product Details

I also love the series, Breaking Bad.

Just realized that my People subscription was about to run out.  They send you warnings for about 4 months that the world is ending and your subscription  is soo close to being over.  Because of all the mailings, I was so used to ignoring and pitching them that I almost let the subscription lapse out.  Pheww.  I think I caught it in time.  Mick, The Who, and I fight over the weekly magazine every Friday when it comes in the mailbox.  It’s mine and they forget that it’s a privilege that I let them read it.

Took Brucee to soccer practice.  Instead of sitting in the car and watching The Lincoln Lawyer, I thought I’d better take a walk since I overate at dinner… again.

I walked 3.83 miles but I definitely should have done more.  I walked less because I walked right into the middle of a Folk Festival.  I was relieved I didn’t have my purse because I could have done some damage.  My pace was awful because I kept stopping here and there.  Plus, I kept looking at texts, FB, Pandora, and Twitter while trying to walk.  I’m lucky I didn’t trip or walk out in front of a car. 

Brucee and I got ice cream after his practice (you know, to offset the walk I did).   I didn’t feel too bad about the ice cream because I feel like all the running I’m doing, I’m losing more than I’m eating and I don’t want to get too skinny and wasteful looking.

Folding laundry and watching The Lincoln Lawyer are going to be how I wrap up this day.   

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME — I mix up the colors green and orange all the time.  Weird, huh? 

Night Night….


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