Black And Mean…

11 Aug

Ahh, soccer has begun.  Our little vacation from sports and school is officially over.  It’s an easy job but can be an annoying one at the same time.  Because I only work part-time, I feel I’m the one who needs to get the boys carted to their practices and such.

Today, I wore an old outfit.  Long skirt from Express.  The skirt is almost too long where I should wear wedges but I wasn’t feeling it so I wore flats and tripped over my skirt all day.

I need to get my running done early and I need to have dinner figured out so we’re not spending a ton of $ on junk food.  I’m not a very organized person so I really struggle.

Came home from work about 1pm to a house full of boys.  It was crazy and loud and annoyingly, the house was a mess.

An hour after arriving home, I started our dinner in a crock pot.  I cranked that baby to high because I should have started it this morning.  I made Italian Pulled Pork Sandwiches from my Healthy Cooking magazine.   Hopefully we don’t get worms.

While making dinner and doing chores, I cranked up the music.  Listened to the station Fleetwood Mac on the Pandora app on my Ipod.  The kids hated it.  Good, I don’t care.

Because they love me, Mick and The Who bought me some cute workout pieces from Dick’s Sporting Good’s.  I love new stuff so I was thrilled with what they got me.  Very nice family.

Started me run at 4:10pm and I was able to run 9.26 miles.   I ran an average of 8:23 minutes per mile.  I wore my new Muzuno’s.  They felt super clunky but I’m sure I’ll get used to them.  It was nice not feeling every pebble (I’m such a princess, huh?). 

Here’s I shaz be after my run…

My shoulder’s are wrinkly.  AND, mee calf’s are bigger than my quad’s.  That sucks!!

Mick had softball games tonight but I couldn’t go since I had to cart Brucee to soccer practice.  Pooh!

Tomorrow’s Friday.  This week went way too fast.  I say that because we’re getting closer to The Who having to return to school and I want her here with me.  She’s fun.  She helps me laugh by making fun of her dad.

RANDOM THOUGHT — I want biker boots.  I don’t have any.  Let me rephrase…. I NEED biker boots.  I want them to be black and mean (just like my men — ha ha).  I saw some for only $59 Material Girl Collection at Macy’s.  Darn Madonna’s daughter.

So, back to it.  Took Brucee to practice and then met up w/Mick and his peep’s for some food and spirits.  WE, I mean, I had fun, fun, fun.  HOpe I make it up in time for work.  Hundred b OTTLEs of bEER on the Wall……  gosh, I wish I could have gotten an invite to attend Hogwart’s when I was eleven….


2 Responses to “Black And Mean…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 12, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    There was an episode of HOUSE where a girl got worms from eating pork. No pork over here!

    Love Fleetwood Mac too. They were one of my favorites back in high school. The “old days” for me. LOL.

    • Shelly in MI August 12, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      We all ended up coming out fine. No worms. It was actually very good.

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