The Mosquitos Are So BAD…

7 Aug

Yes, I had another “blow off” day. 

This extra day off  may have had something to do with my drinking  both Friday and Saturday nights.

My daughter and I went to Ikea today so she could get a desk for her college apartment.  She found a desk/bookshelf combo.  We’re just hoping it fits…

May be hard to picture because she had to buy the two pieces separately.

I’m going to miss my girl so I was glad she and I were able to hang out today.  We ate at Chili’s (even though I really wanted sushi). 

Notice the missing bite.  I couldn’t wait.

We had to stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond so Sissy Girl could get an iron and a shoe organizer.  Not sure why I’m encouraging her to buy all this stuff because she’s just going to leave me with these boys. 

Came home to a messy house and 4 young boys.  The boys’ friends went home.  Had a good dinner out of my Healthy Cooking monthly magazine.  We had Greek Sloppy Joe’s w/feta cheese on whole grain buns, coleslaw, cantaloupe, and green beans w/bacon. 

The Who isn’t allowed to assemble her new desk until we move her in.  She had the itch to assemble something so I let her assemble my new computer chair ($39 from Ikea — hope it doesn’t fall apart at that price). 

As soon as there’s a box, as always, kitties came out of the woodwork (hard to see but the devil cat is in the box)…

In the above picture, can you see the empty entertainment center?  Yes, well the DVD player and the receiver are toast.  Still waiting to hear how the insurance company is going to handle it. 

Because of the big rains we had, we have an unbelievable amount of mosquitos.  They swarm outside all doors.  Because of this, we have a bunch of awful blood suckers (True Blood blood suckers would have been okay) in our house feeding off of us.  I have bites all over my body. 

I cannot believe our weekend is over.  Off to the grind tomorrow morning. 

No more running breaks for me.  I know you’re supposed to take some breaks from running but I’ve been taking extra lately.


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