It’s People Watching Time…

5 Aug

Shaaaaa.  Hello?!  Anyone there?

Yeah.  Today is Friday and I’m a workaholic so I had to go get my work on…

Wearing a new dress from The Loft.  Got this $50 dress for $35 bucks. Wore it with some Steve Madden patent leather peephole platform shoes (phewww, that was a mouthful). 

I shouldn’t be buying anymore summery things but it was so comfortable.  We have another month of summer plus I’m going on a Southern Caribbean cruise later this year and I can wear it then. 

My daughter got done w/work early and asked to meet me for lunch which is disguise for, “will you buy my lunch?”.  Well of course I wanted to meet up with her.  She’ll be leaving me in a couple weeks to go back to school so I need to take advantage of my time with her.  We had italian subs.  They were fantastico!

The Who and I grabbed our bikinis and went over to where my little boys were.  Hung out for about 4 hours in the sun. 

Watched a little Jersey Shore.  The boys came out of nowhere and watched it with me (and acted like they had no other choices).  I think The Roo (15 1/2 yrs old) liked Pauly D because he laughed at everything he did.  I like Pauly D too and I know I should be embarrassed for admitting it.

*****************LET ME JUST SAY…

Okay, so it’s like 2 in the morning and I’m finally finishing by blog for August 5th.  Sorry.  Time got away from me.  I’ll try not to “drunk blog”.

We went to the fair.  I went for 2 reasons.  One, I wanted to eat some junk food (and I did).  And, two, I wanted to people watch (and I did).  Mick and I and the boys met up with our friends who happen to have two boys the same age as our boys.  The adults went one way and the kids went the other.

Steel Magnolia was playing in the grandstands but that’s totally not my kind of music so we skipped that.  I got a nasty italian sausage in a big bun w/onions and green peppers, covered in cheese.  It was SICK!  I ate all of it.  I also had some deep fried Snickers and Oreos.


We took the boys back to our house and we adults went to the local town bar.  I drank several Twisted Tea’s (like Arnold Palmers).  Hence, my getting home at 2am in the morning feeling a little tipsy.  I need to sleep because I really want to run Saturday morning. 

Hopefully, I don’t have a hangover.

Oh and I never worked out on Friday (today).  Shitake Mushrooms!!!


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