Smelled Like a Dirty Boy…

4 Aug

Today was like most days.  I went off to the J-O-B. 

Wearing an old dress (like 3 weeks old)…

Don’t let me kid ya.  I love my job.  It might have something to do with my only working 4 hours a day.  I personally could never be without a job.  I need a schedule otherwise I will totally waste my day.

Exciting NEWS!  I put in $5 with a group of 10 other people.  We’ll purchase a bunch of lottery tickets so I’m thinking we’re going to end up sharing like $180 million buck-a- roos.  Just think, I could hire a chef,  join the expensive health club and get a pool boy.  I might even get a pool.  SHA yeah!

Came home and decided today was the day I’d get all the damaged appliances and electronics we lost in the storm from 7/28/2011 compiled.  I needed serial and model #’s.  Emailed all that happy horse shit (husband’s line — never mine (except for this one time)) to the claim’s adjuster.  I’m very nervous what kind of reimbursement I’ll get from the insurance company for all of our losses.  It could be very — Suckee Suckee…

Had a delicious sandwich for lunch just loaded w/red onion.  Hence, my pukey breath.  Ha!!  Who gives a poo, I know I don’t.   It had BBQ chicken, bread and butter pickles, a sh**ton of red onion, humus, and a slice of cheese. 

In other news ~~ My boys want to get rid of all their XBox and Gameboy games (since they lost the XBox).   Instead of giving all of their $60 games away (there’s like 40 of them — I know, we should have just rented from Netflix vs buying them), I think I’m going to try Ebay.  I’ve only purchased on Ebay so I’m curious how easy selling on Ebay is.

Started my run at approximately 5pm.  I ran 8.9 miles in 1:15 hours.  It was so nice with a temperature of 75 degrees.  Couldn’t upload my running data to Garmin because I think Garmin was working on their site?! 

If you haven’t noticed by now….I’m a very strange person… And I irritate my husband and kids.


I messed up though because I started my way too late which in turn caused me to make Brucee late for his practice.  BAD MOM!!  Oops.

Got Brucee to his 6:45pm practice.  Promised myself that I’d walk or read a book.  NO shopping for me.  I was good.  I successfully sat in the car (in wet shorts since I didn’t have time to change those — Yuck, I know).

Went to Mick’s softball games after practice.  I was still disgusting.  No shower for me since I have a time management problem.  I had “salty sweat dust” all over me.  And as my daughter likes to tell me, I probably smelled like a dirty boy.


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