Maggie Moo’s

3 Aug

Work outfit??


I like to wear weird things sometimes but this outfit wasn’t going to work for me.  It was wrong in like 20 ways…


Switch out the top and put on some black ballet flats…

Safe but better.

Started my run today at 3:39pm.


I ran 10.03 miles with an average of 8:49 a mile.  The temperature was 79 (felt like 81 degrees). 

The kids and I ran to the mall.  The Who, my daughter,  dragged me into one of her favorite stores and I tried on a few things.  Nothing worked out but I had fun w/these shorts.  They were so hideous, I wanted them.  Texted a pic of them to my sister who said that it looked like I had a package.  That’s never good…


For dessert, the kids and I got Maggie Moo’s.  Roo got dark chocolate w/brownie.  Brucee got cake batter w/butter finger.  The Who and I shared two kid’s size cups.  One was carrot cake w/teddy grahams and the 2nd one was cake batter w/strawberries.  Very nice.

Nighty, night…


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