1 Aug

Off to work wearing a new top ($17 from Macy’s)…

Wearing my favorite Banana Republic skinnies and some red/black pumps.


Started my run at 4:18pm.  The temperature was 88 but felt like 94 degrees.  I ran 8.18 miles with an average of 8:35 a mile.   It was so hot.  I only stopped for water one time which was at the 3.5 mile mark.  Wearing an Alo yoga shirt.


I definitely should have stopped for a 2nd water break but I wanted to get home.  My family was waiting for me to go to a local restaurant to meet up with my family for my Grandpa’s birthday.

Because it as proper thing to do, I wore my Run Naked shirt to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday.   I’m wearing my skinnies again w/some yellow denim shoes I got in NYC last year. 

Here’s my cute Grandpa and Grandma…(and me…hee hee)

We had dinner (I had chicken soft tacos) and cupcakes. 


I love getting stuff in the mail.  I was so happy to see that I received a package from  The Who and I are each wearing one of the shirts.  They’re great because they have reflective writing on them for when you run in the dark.  If you purchase a shirt, please mention that I sent cha.

 These summer days are going so fast.  School supplies are all set up for purchase at the stores.  It makes me sad.   My daughter will go back to college and I’ll have to start nagging the boys to do their homework again.  Bum deal.


2 Responses to “RUN NAKED!!”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 2, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

    Love your fashion sense! I could never pull these outfits off, but you do it well. Clearly I’m in a commenting mood tonight 🙂

    • Shelly in MI August 4, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

      Thanks for the compliment. It’s always nice to hear such kind words.

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