We Sweated Our Arses Off!!

31 Jul

SHAZAAM!!  I woke up to Sunday.

At 9am, went to meet up with my family at the local dive for breakfast.  Ate way too much like I typically do.  Songified my Grandma (which I twatted/tweeted). 

Came home and attacked/pruned a Weeping Contorted Crabapple tree that touched me one too many times as I walked by.  Mick saw what I did and the landscaper in him said, “It’ll grow back”.   Mowed the weeds, I mean the lawn.  

Today was a special day..not really.  It was my work picnic which was set up like this. 

You go to a semi-pro baseball game.  You arrive up to 3 hours early to eat unlimited amounts of  BBQ chicken, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and cookies.  My kids enjoyed the unlimited sodee pop. 

Roo is taking our picture.  Brucee’s tummy hurt (so he probably had to poop in this pic). 

Here Mick’s annoyed that I made him stop watching the game for a picture op.  I wanna watch the game.  Blah.  Geez..


I think this is the 3rd year my company’s done the work picnic in the same fashion.  AND, every year it is sooo hot.  This year was no exception.  We cheated because we sat in non-reserved seats away from all of my associates so that we could be positioned in the shade.  Still hot.  Mick got us Dippin’ Dots.  I had cookie dough flavor….

I wore The Who’s dress (Free People) and was nice enough to ask her (by text w/a pic of myself wearing it) if I could while I was wearing it at the game…

She replied with, “I  suppose”.  Thank God…

We left in the top? (the beginning) of the 3rd inning.  Oops.  Well at least we made an appearance, right?  And, I didn’t have to feed the kids lunch..SCORE!!

This day was starting to feel like a “rest day” and I wasn’t prepared to call it that.  SOOO, before we made dinner,  I started my run at 7:46pm.  I ran 6.67 (the Garmin was stuck on 6.66 miles for like ev verrr so I kept going til I got to the next hundredth) miles with an average mile of 8:41.  The temp was 83 degrees (felt like 86 degrees). 

I wore some new red soccer shorts.  I don’t think I was intentionally trying to punish myself but I had to have been because those suckers kept riding up my legs.  I’m sure I looked crazy.  And yes, I know it looks like I have a messy house but it’s really just right here that’s trashed…


Oh and the Body Glide was a success.  The real test for the Body Glide will be when I run 14 again.

Came home to my whole hungry family impatiently waiting for me.  My poor husband had made the entire dinner.  I was so happy my daughter was home and bombarded/overwhelmed her with questions about her long weekend Up North… (tired and burnt)

Mick told her that, “that’s what happens when you do crack” (referring to me).  I didn’t do crack but I was totally high from my run. 

Mick had made pork and chicken on the grill along with sweet potatoes and squash.  The Who had brought home about 2 lbs of cherries from Up North so we chowed.

After dinner, Brucee and I had a big slice of coconut pie.  I have never had coconut pie and I’ve always wanted it.  This is because Ginger and Mary Ann always made Coconut Cream pie (or Banana Cream pie) and dressed slutty for the guys on Gilligan’s Island whenever they wanted something.  I knew those pies had to taste delicious.  And NO, I was not dressed slutty…


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