It’s “Roll In Poop” Day…

30 Jul

Started my run at 8:50am. 

The temperature was 70 degrees and it was full sun (94 % humidity).  I intended on taking it easy today since I ran over 14 miles yesterday.  I ran 6.14 miles with an average pace of 9 minutes.  I didn’t mind that I ran slower today because today I wore my Fivefingers.  I tend to take little steps which according to Good Form Running is better anyways.  My right hip hurt today.  It’s still sore tonight so I’m hoping it goes away quick. 

After my run, I came home and did some bi’s, tri’s and delt’s with the handweights.  I don’t push myself with the handweights but figure it’s okay since it’s better than nothing?!  Did the plank for a little bit too. 

Bella the Chi Chi didn’t choose wisely by rolling in tootie of some kind.  Of course she required a bath which is no big deal because she’s tiny and so easy to bathe.  She seemed a little traumatized afterwards…



Check out my Dubs?


Not really.  My daughter took my Explorer Up North and Mick took her car so I’m driving Mick’s truck.  It’s a huge truck and I always worry I’m going to drive over someone…or a car.  Plus,  it’s a diesel so it stinks.

Since everyone was gone, my parents took pity on me and asked me to go on their weekly date at the mall.   

I wore my octopus ring from Etsy…

and a cute little dress from Francesca’s…

I’m happy to say I found the Body Glide for my chaffing problem.  I also found some sunglasses for running.  They’re shatterproof which is good for when semi’s race by me. 

My mom and dad like to shop for one hour and one hour only.  After shopping, we went to a restaurant in the mall that has the bestest turkey burgers.  So good.

 The Parentals…


After the mall, we dropped my Dad off at home.  He had to mow his carpet/lawn (which he does every 2-3 days).  My mom and I continued on to see the movie, “Crazy Stupid Love”.  I liked it but don’t go by referral because I like everything…seriously.

After the movie, my mom wanted to go to Sam’s Club to buy the things that my dad hates but she can successfully sneak into his food.  I didn’t want to buy anything but I managed to find some Krill/Fish oil capsules.  I also bought a 24 count box of Clif Bars thinking that they were the same as what I previously bought.  Well, the Clif Bars I bought before were snack bars and these were regular size.  Oh well, they’ll still get eaten.

Came home and let the dogs out.  Sat on the front porch relaxing while by beautiful golden retriever found something nasty to roll in (little trend going on here).  She must have thought I looked bored so she was trying to get me something to do…. The boys all got home around 8:30pm so things are feeling a little bit more normal.


2 Responses to “It’s “Roll In Poop” Day…”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 2, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

    Didn’t know you had VFF. Is this the furthest you have run in them? I have only done 4 miles at a time so far, but would like to progress further in mine.

    • Shelly in MI August 4, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

      Yes, on “Poop Day”, that was the farthest I’ve run in the VFF’s. Funny though. My right hip has hurt ever since. I know that the VFF’s are suppose to strengthen everything from your hip down but something about running w/them on an uneven surface causes problems for me. I’m fine as long as I’m on the high school track or the treadmill. I’ll keep giving them more chances because I want them to work but it always bums me out when I have the “bad” pains afterwards.

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