Chaffing… Youch!

29 Jul

Woke up late to an empty house.  All three of our kids were at their friends’.  Mick was at work.

My $6 sunglasses from Forever 21 broke today.  I know they’re kind of cheesy in that 1980’s kind of way but I loved the way they fit on my head.  I think I’ll go tomorrow and look for some real running sunglasses, maybe some Oakley’s?! 

Today was a good run.  Started at 10:36am.  I wanted to go big.  My goal was 14 and I ran 14.35 miles.  My average pace was 8:47.  It was overcast with a temperature of 72 degrees.  It was beautiful.

I wore all black.  I look stealth. 


14.35 miles = chaffing.  “F” me!!  I need to get some astroglide?!  Sounds sexual so I’ll double-check the name before asking for it at the store. 

We got more rain the night before which was bad since we received too much rain the previous night (I mentioned in my previous post that we lost some appliances).  We already had flooding in our town but most of us were lucky.  Not even a mile from home, I encountered water over the road.  When I got closer, I could tell that I could walk through it without getting my socks wet…

This next picture is a small park next to a stream.  The stream had overflowed… a lot.  You can barely see the monkey bars.  It’d be difficult to do the monkey bars due to the undertow.  Don’t worry, I didn’t chance it.


Here, the water had overflowed on the train tracks.  Again, I was able to get through it without getting my socks wet, barely.


I felt crazy after my run.  I looked like poo poo SOOOOO, I took a picture (hee hee)…  I kind of look like a turtle?!  But who frickin’ cares cause I ran 14.35 stinkin’ miles, SWAN!!  Sha-yeah!

Here are some pic’s from my own yard.  I’m not complaining because I know we were very lucky BUT, we do have extra water in our yard…

My father-in-law owns land that butts up to ours.  The pond is normally half the size and is a perfect oval shape.  It’s a bit overflowed as well…

After doing some housework, I worked on power-washing my deck some more.  Another sneaky horsefly rode in on my shirt and I can’t find him.  I hope he doesn’t bite us in the head while we’re sleeping.  I so hate those things. 

The kids didn’t come home so Mick and I went out for pizza (I wanted sushi). 

On our way back to the car, I totally started a fight with Mick, which is so typical of me.  This big yelling match was about deck sealer.  So incredibly stupid, I know.  I demanded to be taken straight home (which I don’t think he minded doing) and marched right to my room to watch a movie and punch in a blog post. 

All day long, my mom and sister were referring me to a link that my little cousin, Lee Lee put on my Facebook page.  The link is and it’s by a hilarious blogger.  My cousin said that the post reminded her of something I would do.  I was skeptical because how does anyone know about all the stupid things I’ve done to poor Mick.  Well, they must know because this posting was me to a tee.  I went from pouting (2 hours of pouting) to crying and laughing out loud.  I think my eyes are swollen now from all the tears.   I’m so glad that I can go to bed in a good mood instead of being mad at ole’ Mick.  Poor guy, he’s right, I do act like a queen…


2 Responses to “Chaffing… Youch!”

  1. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER August 2, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    LOL! My hubz calls the BodyGlide astroglide too. I’m afraid to even google it to find out. LOL!!!

    • Shelly in MI August 4, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

      I only need it when I run 8 miles or more. But when I need it, I need it bad or I have major soreness for days after. I’m such a baby, huh?

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